Jamie Chung to Return to Once Upon a Time

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Fairy tales aren’t exactly known for their LGBT representation and so it was a surprise when ABC drama Once Upon a Time, a show based on classic fairy tales, appeared to allude to a queer romance.

In its second season we were introduced to Fa Mulan (played by Jamie Chung) and Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty, played by Sarah Bolger) with the two women quickly striking up a bond.


Although Mulan seemed to have the hots for Prince Philip, this quickly changed when Philip temporarily died after sacrificing himself to a wraith to save Mulan and Aurora.

Before he got offed by the monster, he asked Mulan to keep Aurora safe and so she does her best but is unable to stop some zombie-types from snatching Aurora’s heart, allowing them to control the princess’ body.

Mulan goes to get Aurora’s heart back (popping it in her chest in a strangely erotic moment), the two go on a quest to save Philip and so Aurora and Philip are loved up and happy as Mulan sits on the sidelines.

Mulan eventually gets an offer to join Robin Hood and co. but before she agrees, she says that she needs to talk to “a loved one”; Aurora. Mulan is heartbroken when she goes to see Aurora and right as she goes to confess her feelings…Aurora tells her that her and Philip are having a baby.

While that all sounds a bit complex (and some have seen it as queerbaiting), fans of ‘Sleeping Warrior’ (Aurora and Mulan’s ship name) were heartbroken when Mulan left the show, and even Jamie Chung said that it was “disappointing” to leave fans hanging.

Thankfully though, E! has revealed that Jamie Chung will be taking up her role as Mulan in a multi-episode arc this fall.

Unfortunately, it’s unclear whether or not Sleeping Warrior will be on, or if Aurora will be too loved up with Philip to care about her gal pal but E!, who announced Chung’s return ” exclusively”, makes several mentions of the two women’s relationship.

It would be usual for the publication to make such a heavy mention of Sleeping Warrior if the ship wasn’t going to be revived so hopefully more details will be revealed soon.

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