Jennifer Beals Explains The Decision To Bring Back ‘The L Word’

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Last month, Entertainment Weekly reunited The L Word cast for a stunning cover and catch-up interview. At the time all all expressed an interest in returning for another season.

Now, that sequel is look to be a reality.

The L Word’s co-creator, Ilene Chaiken will be an executive producer of the series with a new writer/EP with ties to the lesbian community  brought in to run the production and once again chronicle the friendships and love lives of modern gay women.

L Word

Jennifer Beals, Katherine Moenig, and Leisha Hailey are set to executive-produce as well as appear on the series. Other characters from the original series may also pop up and will be paired with a whole new cast of women.

Talking to EW, Beals explained why the moment is right for The L Word to return to television.

She also explained

Years ago, Kate and Leisha and I approached Ilene because we were shocked that nothing had taken its place. There was this renaissance, in a way, going on with marriage equality coming to the forefront. It was a different terrain and we thought you can start telling stories in a different way and there’s a whole new generation coming up that views sexuality in a different way. Ilene was in the middle of doing Empire and she was very excited about the idea but there are only so many hours in the day.

Then, the election happened. I remember I was in South Dakota watching the returns come in and I texted Ilene and I said, “We need to do something.” She said, “Let’s get together and talk about it.” So we were spitballing about what to do and I said our skillset is storytelling and I think we need to tell stories and certainly in an atmosphere of increasing hatred towards the LGBT community and frankly anyone who’s categorized as “other,” stories exploring the complexities of friendship and love are all that more crucial. Representation of everything. You can’t go backward. I would love to see the show continue to mine its original themes of friendship and love and community and additionally I’d like it to go a little further and challenge heteronormalcy.

At the reunion, Kate Moenig was adamant that season 6 be forgotten — which means Jenny Schecter lives – but Beals is not to sure.

You really got to hear the pitches of what they want to do. That person is taking on a huge load. They have the history of the show, the legacy of the show, and yet they have to make it better and they have to make it theirs. So to dictate too much at this point in time I think would be problematic. I want to hear what’s coming from them and what excites them and what stories they want to tell because that’s when it’s going to be good when you let somebody fully have their voice.

And on Bette and Tina’s future, well Beals was a little cagey

I don’t want to even say what I would like to see at this point because I think it’s more important for me to be open and listen to people’s ideas and not get stuck in my own desires. If somebody says I think she should be a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys. I’m gonna say, “Well I don’t think that’s such a great idea.” Can you imagine? That would be funny [Laughs].

40 thoughts on “Jennifer Beals Explains The Decision To Bring Back ‘The L Word’

  1. Jessica Salazar

    That’s awesome that you want to do another round with this movie I loved the whole entire thing I do as an opinion thanks that Jenny should stay dead
    she was a lot of trouble for character itself conniving two-faced back-stabbing hurtful in a lot of ways she kind of deserved die off the show just my opinion but that’s awesome

  2. Pat

    No No No! Leave that HORRIBLE Jenny Schecter DEAD! If I have to see that woman again, I’ll vomit. Then change the channel!

    Also, you can’t “forget” a season happened. They tried that with “Dallas” and the show didn’t last long after that. Also, the fans were furious, and didn’t buy a bit of it.

    NO JENNY! She’s DEAD! Leave her that way.

    1. mercedes

      i love jenny she was only turned to a so called bad person after her first interactions with her first love that already had a gf.

  3. Lori Gill

    I vote bring back Jenny, Helena, Dana & Molly – dump Max, Tina and T! I would include Trans characters the same % of what they are in the real life gay world.

    1. Mercedes

      I want jenny back she was like the biggest part of the show!! I loved her character.She gets a bad rep because of what happened with her first female experience with love other then Tim. She was learning and thrown into a new atmosphere where she finally had options and it just so happened she ended up realizing she loved women not men.

    2. Corinne

      Although, Jenny was a complexed character, she brought suspense and surprises!! I look forward to seeing her in the reboot !! Peace and love ❤️

    3. Carol Duffer

      People will watch regardless. They kill off people all the time in soaps and bring them back. We need a series with good stories that relate to our lives. I know all my friends will be gathering in house parties and watch it just like before! Can’t wait till it airs!!

  4. Ernestine

    I think if you can bring them all back I wasn’t a fan of Jenny’s character either but she brought her craziness to the table but one thing for sure you ladies gotta play basketball again, rematch with poppy/pappy as Alisha would say!

  5. Lori

    Jenny is one of the best characters on the show. They just ruined her character towards the end, made her completely incongruous to who she was in previous seasons. She’s a sexual assault survivor exploring/trying to heal from her trauma through art. She was fully supportive of Max transitioning in the beginning, and then they made her really transphobic towards the end. The changes to her character made no sense at all. But a lot of the Jenny hatred also comes from the carnival scenes and to that I say, watch again and look a little closer.

  6. Pockets

    Omg please leVe Jenny DeaD. I’d love to know who actually killed her…bring Dana back tho. Love her!! I’d love to see the challenges that bette and Tina’s baby have to face as well.

  7. Errin Hall

    The Word was and is the only truly great lesbian show of my 39 year’s. I loved the way you all made the characters work in sync together. For me Tina and Bette was an epic love story that made the entire show I would love to see that continue to grow in the upcoming series. I think everyone who watched The l word wants to know what happened to Jenny so there needs to be some kind of ties there. Anyway I’m so excited to see the new show. I wish I could work on set through it all, that would be a dentist come true. Best wishes

  8. Autumn

    Bring back Jenny! I felt season 6 was her movie idea and play it out as if all of season 6 was Jenny’s movie. It wasn’t real and therefore, she didn’t really die. It’s brilliant! Can’t wait!

  9. Mercedes

    I want jenny back she was like the biggest part of the show!! I loved her character.She gets a bad rep because of what happened with her first female experience with love other then Tim. She was learning and thrown into a new atmosphere where she finally had options and it just so happened she ended up realizing she loved women not men.

  10. Laura Hastwell

    Please don’t bring Jenny back. I’ve rewatched every season and everytime there’s a scene with Jenny I fast forward through it. Her voice just goes through me and can’t stand her.

  11. Tasha

    Personally I found jenny to be highly annoying and arrogant in the later seasons but remember she was (Hate her or love her) the reason we all kept watching to see what crazy Jenny was upto next. I think it’s been wayyy to long and it will be interesting to see where all the characters end up or who they end up with.

  12. DinaD

    If Jenny doesn’t die – then they HAVE to bring back Dana!!! Her brain tumor thing was horrible, a tired soap opera ploy.

  13. Donnie

    Keep Tasha and Kitt. More color please. Keep Lucy Lawless. She was a refreshing surprise with a huge following. Love Alice and keeping Shane is a no brainer.. But Jenny can be a distant memory.

  14. Daniela

    Obviously BRING Jenny back! People are sooo stupid they don’t see beyond the basics, she was annoying for a reason Shane could see past the bitch that is why they got together. But that’s also why she got killed because there’s always an annoying lesbian like Alice that wants everything just to be rainbows , And In the gay world where there’s no labels anyone can be with anyone at any time specially in close social circles

  15. Lao Ren

    Jenny was such a babe you haters are all jealous I loved her unique edgy character. She was adorable and crazy all at once! Manic pixie dreeeeam girl <3

  16. Peggy

    Leave Jenny dead, but she could be incorporated into flash backs, or dreams. Max, I don’t want to be negative but I couldn’t get in touch with the character or story line.

  17. Elizabeth Dove

    I say do not bring the show back, A relationship between to woman is very personal. I wish our sexuality did not have to be exploited I have lived this lifestyle sense 1978. I use to model and 90% of the time you would not know I am a lesbian. My relationships always have been very private. Now men come up to including doctors who believe that woman need toys to have sex. Completely wrong. Your image of lesbians in my mind is not actuate. I am the Owner of a construction Company and your show stereo types me. I have watched the series up to the show in Palm Springs. That’s when I said no more.
    I believe in equal rights. I just do not feel it is so important to take the Curiosity away in regards to what happens behind closed doors . Mind you I have been out since 1980 but I’ve always kept it personal. Just my opinion thank you for listening.

  18. Ashley

    I would be very excited to see the series come back but forgetting the last season happened is impossible. That would change to entire story line and I don’t believe it would be for the better. I can honestly say that I’m not sure I could watch it if we had to pretend that the last season never happened. Plus Jenny was awful and needs to stay dead.

  19. Suzanne

    How about if you bring the actress back but not the character bring GB her back as Penny her secret twin that was given up for adoption or maybe the dr told jenny’s parents the twin died

  20. Debi

    I watched the whole show from beginning to end again just to see Jenny die. If she comes back, I won’t watch it.

  21. Steph

    If Jenny comes back from the dead so should Dana <3
    We fell in love with Dana! As for Jenny well, we all know a Jenny and as much as it can get annoying to have them around there is something about them that you have to keep around. Maybe it's her deep feeling of emotions. Meh, I don't know but Dana's peppyness can balance out Jenny's darkness.

  22. Deb

    Let jenny live on! Maybe she can change her ways ..
    She’s beautiful,talented and a good person when she’s not mean. She has her issues but maybe she can work on them and completely turn around with the help of a psychiatrist and her friend’s. Perhaps.. ‍♀️

  23. Abigail Cerda

    I think the show was perfect but maybe throwing in a traid couple into the mix. It’s a couple with three people and they are not open to bringing anyone else into the circle. About Jenny, she may have been a troubled character but honestly that’s what made part of the show, but I think there should be a new chapter. I just know that I’m excited to see the new season…I’m a huge fan!!

  24. Lisa

    Bring back Jenny, just don’t let her be such a pain in the ass. Let her be a bit more mature and not such a problem.

  25. Mel

    What if plot twist it was actually adele that died in the pool and not jenny and niki being their had found out the scandalous things she did to break Jenny and nikki up and nikki didn’t like it so killed her in the pool . and Jenny well she ran away because she felt so lost and unwanted and maybe wanted to start over

  26. Jennifer

    Keep Jenny dead pls for the love of god to much time was spent on her character and her character was horrible.

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