‘Jessica Jones’ Is A Perfect Portrayal Of Real Female Friendship.

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The first season of Jessica Jones was totally awesome and it was fantastic to see a true to life example of what female friendships are really like.

Jessica (Kristen Ritter) and Trish (RachaelTaylor) develop a really strong bond during season one despite the fact they were not that close at the start and Jessica even told Trish she loved her, cementing their strong friendship.


This is quite a recent thing really, but luckily, TV writers are realising that us women are not all catty to each other, fight over men and talk about men non-stop.

If we look back over the years and at the types of female friendships we saw on T.V we had Sex and the City where all they were interested in and talked about was their sex lives and men, Friends where again all the women talked about men and even Big Bang Theory where yet again the female friends talked about and obsessed over men.

When I get together with my best friend (who by the way is hetro) we don’t really talk about our partners much unless there is a problem happening. We are more interested in each other’s opinions on what is happening around us, we support each other when things go wrong, we encourage each other to take chances

And to be honest I probably tell my best friend more about my insecurities than I tell my partner, quite simply because my relationship with my best friend is another separate identity entirely and is different.

Jessica Jones executive producer, Melisa Rosenburg told Entertainment weekly that the second season will focus even more on the girl’s friendship. She said:

That is the core relationship in the piece. It is about female friendship, it is about how friends evolve — they’re sisters, really — and it’s about how they evolve and ping off each other.”

Both these characters bring different things to their friendship and both lack things that the other has. Trish for example has pretty much everything in life except Jessica’s powers and Jessica has all the power in the world but doesn’t have Trish’s kind heart. Rosenburg went on to say:

 It’s all about each of them needing something that the other woman has, making both of them essential partners in their relationship. Even if jealousy sometimes plays a factor. It’s an interesting dichotomy of them figuring out there’s an envy involved, there’s support, there’s compassion, there’s frustration.”

It’s absolutely great that T.V producers and writers are finally showing what real friendships between women are like. It means women can relate and identify with the characters more and men actually wake up to the fact that women are not obsessing and talking about them the whole time we are hanging out with each other!

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