Julianne Moore: The Fight For LGBT Rights Doesn’t End With Marriage Equality (Video)

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For many, the battle for gay rights ends with marriage equality, but we need to consider the wider spectrum of LGBT issues in ‘mainstream’ society.

Yesterday, Oscar winning actress and LGBT ally Julianne Moore posted a video for Lambda Legal’s #IDo campaign to help raise funds and awareness.

In the video, she highlights the reasons why the crusade for gay civil rights must continue once marriage is legal for all. Moore cites school bullying, medical care and violence against transgender individuals as three such examples, urging others to say “I do.”

Moore is seen as the perfect ambassador for Lambda’s efforts. Her résumé contains a diverse mix of LGBT projects, including roles in The Hours, A Single Man, The Kids Are All Right, and the upcoming Freeheld, in which she plays a terminally ill police officer who must fight to secure pension benefits for her partner (Ellen Page).


I think it’s a very basic human-rights issue. Everybody has the right to marry the person they love and be represented as a couple and family. … It’s something that people will look back on in years to come and say, ‘I can’t believe it took so long for us to recognize this.’ It’ll be like segregation and giving women the right to vote.”

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