Kathy Bates Discusses Her Lesbian Role In ‘Tammy’

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LGBTQ favourite Kathy Bates talked to Michigan gay weekly Pride Source about her lesbian role in ‘Tammy’ – also staring Melissa McCarthy (who I’m addicted too), Susan Sarandon, Dan Aykroyd.

In ‘Tammy’, Bates plays Lenore, a lesbian woman in a relationship with Susan (played by Sandra Oh of Grey’s Anatomy.)

“She brought a lot of love and warmth, and it was her idea to have wedding rings — because of course! — which I hadn’t thought about, and also, really, to think that our relationship is the healthiest relationship in the movie. It was important for me to be able to ad-lib how difficult it is, or was, especially 20, 25 years ago, for lesbian women to come out,” she recalled of one scene she shares with McCarthy. “I think almost more difficult than for men to come out as gay.”

Kathy Bates

As for who her dream co-star would be if she tackles another lesbian role, Ms Bates said…

“I shared a plane trip with Uma Thurman once and I thought she was pretty cool. I could see doing a movie with her and having a lesbian relationship — although I’m much too old for her!”

Kathy Bates

Watch the funny trailer for Tammy here…

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