Kicked Out for Being Trans

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Watch this insightful video and learn more about one transgender teen’s life on the streets, and other gay, lesbian and bisexual youth who become tragically homeless at such a young age.

“People look down upon us, without stopping to think that no homeless person is on the streets by choice. Something in their lives, or some events, have led to them being on the street.”

Anonymous transgender youth featured this in a powerful video, as a camera follows behind him, as he visits the places he used to sleep and ask for spare money.

He recalls how expressing his desire to medically transition at age 15 was “[my] introduction to the streets.”

He goes on..

“…as soon as I started living as male full-time, everything changed. I became very much more self-confident; I was beginning to be able to be the person I wanted to be.”

While he found many other homeless youth for companionship, life was restless and disheartening.

“…cracked down on clearing out places where there are homeless people sleeping because it’s an ‘eyesore'”; how the average person can’t fully understand hunger; and how most passersby will offer food to a dog before a human, yet the rare kindnesses of strangers can “restore your faith in humanity just a little bit.”

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