Kristen Stewart Makes Her Mark On Saturday Night Live

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Kristen Stewart hosted SNL this weekend, which included a fun (albeit a bit nervous) opening monologue where she brought up the 11 tweets Donald Trump sent in 2012 about her relationship to Robert Pattinson.

Trump repeatedly shamed Stewart for stepping out on Pattinson and told him to dump her.



The president doesn’t need to worry about her getting back with Pattinson, though.

“I’m like so gay, dude,” she said, shortly before accidentally uttering an expletive during the live broadcast.

SNL‘s out MVP Kate McKinnon has a butch cameo in the monologue; check it out below.

Stewart followed up her monologue with an ingenious take on silly commercials that show women happily cooking for their sports-loving men. Everything changes for such a suburban lady (played by Vanessa Bayer) — in a Blue Is the Warmest Color sense — when a mysterious woman (played by Stewart) shows up at her husband’s football bash.

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