Kristen Stewart Receives Homophobic Slurs As She Walks Hand-in-hand With Alicia Cargile

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At the end of last week, Kristen Stewart was captured holding hands with her friend, Alicia Cargile as she walked through LAX.

However, what was even more startling about the scene was the amount of abuse the actress got from the LAX paparazzi – who screamed ‘are you a lesbian’ along side some other obscene words.


Shock-horror – Kristen and Alicia holding hands (SplashNews)

Kristen and Alicia were returning from the wedding of Riley Keough in Napa Valley, and as this event was a social event one, and not work based outing (Alicia is Kristen’s make-up artist), speculation mounted that Alicia was there as Kristen’s plus one.

The press have been going crazy over this story for months, which Kristen has already said is a huge ‘embellishment’ on her private life. However, could this be the biggest sign yet that she is in a relationship with Alicia?

Whether or not she is, what is important, is that this whole thing be respected and not debased by an all-male-show that use as an opportunity misogynies their relationship, dis-respect, discriminate and be homophobic.

Kristen doesn’t deserve to have people screaming offensive terms at her as she walks through the airport.

We salute the way she handled things though. Taking Alicia’s hand and showing the world she doesn’t give a f*ck. Maybe its a sign that they’re in a relationship or just the actress trying to protect her friend from being pulled into the media circus that surrounds her love life.

A few years ago Kristen was a marriage wreck, now she’s cut her hair and isn’t visibly dating anyone, she’s a lesbian.

“Things blew up for me at a pretty young age, at 17 and … yeah, I love talking about the work. It’s bizarre, things become sort of like you’re selling something, and I’ve never been into that notion — I like sharing things.”

Kristen Stewart

If she is in a same-sex relationship – woo hoo. It would be an inspiring coming-out story due to the sheer fact at how many people idolised her, but lets all handle this with a little bit of sensibility.


4 thoughts on “Kristen Stewart Receives Homophobic Slurs As She Walks Hand-in-hand With Alicia Cargile

  1. Junie

    Glad to finally read some sanity written about this girl. I’ve seen some pretty disturbing stuff from Robert Pattinson fans – they’re fanning the flames 24/7 of this ‘she must be gay’ story (hello, anyone heard of bi?) because they are hoping it ruins her career. Every day, every comment section, working 24/7 with a bunch of sock accounts pretending to be ‘YAY GAY’ but they actually intend it as an insult. That’s creepy enough but what really gets me, it’s women doing this, really sneaky, grossly bigoted women. She gets so much crap I can’t go a day on the internet without seeing it. Creeps me out big time.

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