Kristen Stewart Took Alicia Cargile With Her To The ‘American Honey’ Premiere.

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Kristen Stewart took Alicia Cargile the Cannes Film Festival for the special screening of American Honey.

And the two were pictured all smiles and holding hands on the red carpet.

So what does that mean? Nothing really, just that the two have a great connection and get on well together.

However, the story has many a tabloid fluttering, because the Twilight Saga star recently split from her former girlfriend Soko (Stephanie Sokolinski) who is also in Cannes to promote her film The Dancer, which she stars in with Lily-Rose Depp.

And Soko was apparently spotted at the Chanel Party, which was also attended by Stewart and Cargile – WOW

Stewart and Cargile were linked since last year when she was first recognised as Kristen’s personal assistant.

The pair have never confirmed their relationship, although Stewart’s mum appeared to confirm the romance to the Daily Mirror back in June 2015, but then denied her comments.

Stewart recently told Variety that she isn’t interested in defining her sexuality or her relationships to the media.

When I was dating a guy, I would never talk about my relationships to anyone. I feel the same way now. Me not defining it right now is the whole basis of what I’m about. If you don’t get it, I don’t have time for you.”


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