Kristin Russo is Giving Queer People A Place To Tell Their Own Stories in New Web Series ‘First Person’

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First Person is new web series from WNET in partnership with PBS Digital Studios, which takes a thoughtful, no-holds-barred look at gender identity – from bisexual erasure, trans visibility to coming out in sports.

The first episode of First Person is an intimate conversation YouTube personality Skylar Kergil, a trans artist and activist known in part for documenting his transition via YouTube videos. In it, we get a more rounded out look at Skylar’s life and how he came to transition in the public eye, including the effects that decision has had on his life:

Host Kristin Russo, who is also the co-founder of LGBTQ youth advocacy group Everyone Is Gay, describes the project as an opportunity for “people to tell their own stories about being queer and trans.”

“Our mission for the show is to tackle the topics of gender and sexuality by actually talking with people whose lives intersect with those issues. The digital platform is important because it’s where the younger generation is going for their information.”

Kristin Russo

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