Lady Gaga Discusses Her ‘Gay Beginnings’ LGBT Activism in New Interview

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A good many people around the world know of the name ‘Lady Gaga’. Tipped as the equally as blonde, equally as Italian and equally as talented version of Madonna, the singer has made her name with both her outlandish fashion choices and her incredibly catchy, chart topping hits.

But in the LGBT community she is also known for her activism. Once coming out as bisexual (before scuttling back into the closet, announcing during Atlanta Pride that she is ‘straight’), she set up the LGBT friendly ‘Born This Way Foundation’ charity and it’s for these reasons that Lady Gaga has long been regarded as an LGBT ally.

It makes sense then that she’s continuously asked about her impact on the LGBT community, but even before she became vocal about LGBT rights her music label reportedly thought that she was ‘too gay’.

Speaking on French TV show “C à Vous”, the singer explained that

“I was told you’re too gay, you dance too gay, your clothes are too gay, everything is too gay and I told them, well there are homosexuals in the world and you know my intentions with my music is not to make money or be famous.”

Lady Gaga

While it’s unclear what her label meant exactly by ‘too gay’ (surely good pop music and sequinned leotards are universal?) but it is very apparent that Lady Gaga isn’t interested in how mainstream music perceives her.

And, on the topic of her music, she also added that

“My intention is to spread love. My whole intention… in every song, in every concert I talk about it, you know. It is beautiful, these images, these two boys who express their love for each other and are equal but if you think about the gay community of the older generation who did not grow up like that, who suffered, some has no money, some did not work, they didn’t have the same opportunities in the 50’s, 70’s than now.”

Lady Gaga

Spreading love is wonderful, we can’t argue with that, but arguably there are allies a little bit better than Lady Gaga. She has come under fire for racism regarding some of her songs and fashion choices (her song ‘Burqa’ and her use of blackface are just two examples), her use of trans slurs are less than admirable and she also refers to gay people as “the gays” which understandably doesn’t sit right with lots of people.

Nonetheless, I can’t really argue with that quote about spreading love so let’s hope she decides to do that albeit in a less offensive way in the future.

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