Lazy Days: 3 Super Simple Positions To Try With Your Girlfriend Before Breakfast

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If your sex life has become a bit boring, it might be necessary to introduce some new moves to your line-up. But what if you’re not very experienced, or you’re worried you won’t be able to keep up with some of the more involved positions?

Fear not – KitschMix has collected a few super easy positions that can help you shake things up without getting shaken up yourself.

These positions are very easy, even for someone who may be new to lesbian sex entirely. That doesn’t mean that they’re short on excitement, though; quite the opposite!

The simplicity of these positions will allow you to easily change them up to suit your own personal tastes, as well as allowing you to master them in no time.

Open All Hours

Open all hours

While receiving oral sex, you may be inclined to move your legs around a bit. This is completely natural, and it’s really your body’s natural instinct to achieve the best pleasure at any given time. This position requires that the partner who is receiving pull her legs up to her chest and hold them there.

The “giver” can assist with this by pushing the legs back, if the receiver is unable to keep them up on her own. Whether you choose to go with penetration or not, this position opens the giver up to an incredible view of the vagina and bum of her partner, as well as allowing for a strong sexual chemistry.

Give it a shot – even if you can’t handle it for too long, you’ll be glad you tried it.



This is really simple, and definitely sexy. The receiving partner will lay down on her back, while her partner provides oral pleasure to her. By draping her legs over her lover’s shoulders, the receiver will be able to pull her partner closer simply by flexing her legs.

The skin-to-skin contact alone may be enough to send the receiver over the edge, but the body’s natural instinct to tighten up when reaching a sexual high will ensure that the giver knows when it’s time to go hard or go home.

Happy Days

Happy Days

For Happy Days, both partners are to get into a 69 position – but then the partner on top will sit up so that she isn’t providing pleasure to her lover. (I strongly encourage you to give in if your partner begs you, though; making her beg for it can be incredibly sexy and you’ll no doubt want to give into her wishes.)

The partner who is on bottom will be at the mercy of the partner on top, because she won’t get the attention she wants until she’s done a satisfactory job of convincing her lover that she deserves it!

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Naturally, these three simple moves won’t be the entirety of your sexual activities, but if you’ve been neglecting the basics to try and make your experience more exciting, you may be focusing too much on the learning and not enough on the pleasuring.

Sure, a variety in your sex is never a bad thing, but that variety should definitely include some simpler ideas as well.

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to “wow” your lover – sex feels great even when it’s not so complicated.

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