As Supernatural heads towards its season 10 finale, and we get given an extra special treat. L-word famed Leisha Hailey appears in the show, playing Claire Novak’s mom, Amelia.

Its been over ten years since lesbian drama The L Word first smashed on to our TV screens. An instant hit with gay and bi women around the world, it revolutionised the portrayal of LGBT women on TV and paved the way for more popular shows with gay/bi girls as major characters.

In Supernatural the episode Hailey is in focuses on character Claire Novak, who is back in town after she gets a lead on her long-lost mother, Amelia (Hailey).

Feeling the guilt for what he had done to Claire’s family, Castiel would want to make amends and the only thing to do it is by getting the mother and daughter reunite with each other.

He will do so by asking the Winchester brothers, Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) for some help.

Unfortunately, the summary noted, the group will discover some truth as to what took Amelia. They soon realize that there is a chance that Claire may not get the happy ending she looks for.


A report from Carter Matt pointed out that this Castiel-centric episode could be a breather for the rigorous Mark of Cain storyline.

According to the publication:

Ultimately, the timing seems right for there to be a Castiel episode … Also, we hope that it can be one that gives Castiel even more great stuff to do. While he has some pretty interesting stuff going on right now trying to manage the guilt that he feels from his past, it took a little while this season for his story to really start to rocket off of the ground.”


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