Which Lesbian Celebrity Relationship Most Mirrors Yours?

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We often live vicariously through the ups and downs of famous relationships. And we have to admit; we are all obsessed with the flamboyant (and even the tame) details of celebrity couples. Celebrity couples have triumphs and agonies, successes and failures with marriage and divorce. Although fame highlights the lives of the stars, most don’t pretend to be poster children for successful relationships.

Yes, these popular partners are people too, and yes, their lives actually parallel our own, at least when it comes to love. So, what Lesbian Celebrity Relationship mirrors your own?

Perhaps from the examples of others we can learn to balance our own prosperous partnerships. While the lives of others may always intrigue us, it is clear that Hollywood love affairs simply mirror those of us who are not in the public eye.

Bridging the Age Gap

Several stars are romancing their elders and still going strong. Wanda Sykes and wife Alex share a 10-year age difference, while Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi note a 15-year deviation. It’s true, generational gaps must appear at times in these age-blind cases, but it’s a good sign that these lovers can look past the superficial number of years on Earth. May–December couples must beware of the parent-child relationship, but can also delight in the complementary blend of age’s experience with the vigour of youth.

Low-Profile Partnerships

Healthy celebrity coupledom is sometimes attributed to a pair’s ability to keep low-key about the ins and outs of their durable interdependence. It’s evident when celebs put their relationship and family first, before their careers. A couple who seem to exhibit the successful low-profile formula is Jane Wagner and Lily Tomlin. These couples seem to focus on their family, their values, and their work together both on and off the stage.

Crazy Connection

Passionate pairs have always been the most fun to watch, but rather than proving true love, these types of poisoned lovers act more often as enablers than saviours. The truth is, while opposites may attract, they usually get converted. The relationship of Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson exhibited a maniacal love affair that drips with drama. Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne also have had their own share of public scandal. Perhaps your mate isn’t partaking in illegal affairs, but your partner’s behaviour may be just as toxic.

Stealing the Spotlight

Being eclipsed by a loved one who enjoys widespread professional success can sometimes be hard to take without resentment and jealousy, but some squeezes are happy being the wind beneath their sweetheart’s wings. We defer back Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, Ellen is the mega star and her lady, the stunning eye-candy. Allowing your other half to shine in the spotlight while taking a backseat exhibits confidence, trust, and your sincere wishes for very best for your dearest.

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