Lesbian Indie Film ‘Heartland’ Has a Big Budget and Big Potential

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Ah, ‘having an affair with your brother’s fiancée’, also known as the hidden step on the road to accepting the death of a loved one. At least, that’s what Lauren does in Heartland when she’s hit by the tragic and sudden loss of her girlfriend and decides to move back home to Oklahoma to make the pain feel a little less painful.

Her brother Justin and his aforementioned fiancée Carrie (who is described as “uptight” by the filmmakers) head to the Southern state to help launch a local winery, whilst Lauren, an artist extraordinaire, opts to help them put together the marketing.

The ‘sordid’ affair part of the film happens when Lauren “regains her sense of adventure” and Carrie realises that hey, maybe the heterosexual marriage tradition just isn’t for her. The filmmakers also explain that it becomes a “sexual affair that can’t remain secret for long” which doesn’t bode well for Heartland’s f/f pairing but it certainly sounds like a good watch.


As it stands, the film is complete. High profile actors like Jeffrey Tambor (of Arrested Development and Transparent fame) and out actress Sarah Paulson (from American Horror Story) have all been vocal in their support but more than words, Heartland needs money for post-production.

The team behind it is using indiegogo to raise funds, with a goal set at $150,000. That seems a little lofty but they explain that they need the funds to market Heartland and get the movie out there. Unfortunately their budget is too small for traditional investors to chip in but it’s too big for the filmmakers (they’re a team of six at the moment) to cover themselves.

There are 17 days to go and a third of that figure has been raised so Heartland stands a good chance of reaching its goal. The indiegogo page also explains that the funding is tax deductible, which basically means that if you pay taxes you’ll get it back when you file them.

Click here to find out more about the film.

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