Lesbian Rapper MicahTron Makes Sex-Positive Rap You Can Dance To

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Rap is no longer a boy’s game. Queer newcomers like Young M.A and Silvana Imam are flipping traditional heteronormative, misogynistic rap on its head.

MicahTron, a queer woman who makes sex-positive trap music, is joining the ranks.

MicahTron’s raps go hard. You can play her music between Tyga and Sage the Gemini without skipping a beat. In “Your B Chose Me,” she brags about stealing a man’s girlfriend over a steady eighth-note Club Clap that will have you popping. In “Hillary Clinton,” she asserts her sexuality and her power (mixed with a few puns about counting her “bills”).

Although MicahTron has yet to put out an official E.P., her extensive discography is growing by the day.

MicahTron has been making music since she was young. When Missy Elliott interrupted the rap game in the 1990s, MicahTron realized that as a masculine-of-center queer woman she could make it just as big as Missy. Later, she traveled to Berlin to study performance art, and opened for groups such as Grammy-nominated neo-soul collective The Internet.

MicahTron doesn’t shy away from discussing sex, gender and power. Her contemporary Young M.A has been criticized for being misogynistic, and some of MicahTron’s lyrics could be coded the same way. However, MicahTron never claimed to want to revolutionize rap music. Her desire has always been to carve out a space for women within existing hip-hop movements.

Should rappers such as MicahTron be more aware of the way in which their music seems to perpetuate misogyny? Yes.

However, because she is a woman, her music also serves as a reclamation of female sexuality – as a woman, she can enjoy the bodies of other women. As a woman, she can choose to offer her body for consumption by other women. She can simultaneously own women while allowing herself to be owned.

What critics call misogyny seems to be a system of consensual dom/sub encounters, the type that male rappers have endorsed for decades, consensual or not.

Check out more of MicahTron’s music. Watch her hit song “Bumper” below.

5 thoughts on “Lesbian Rapper MicahTron Makes Sex-Positive Rap You Can Dance To

  1. B

    Ppl who diss young m.a for misogyny..she ain’t rlly misogynistic..she defends slut shamed women in the “make this money” I think the song is..she’s a woman and she loves women..surely she ain’t causing any damage..men run tings and have the real power. Plenty lesbians enjoy doing bdsm and I don’t believe shes oppressing anyone ppl need to stop hating..yu never gna get a perfect sjw rapper..if yu did they wud b boring and back and not real. No human is perfect. Politically correct rappers are preachy and corny, boring and humourless.

  2. B

    Here’s young m.a sex positive / anti slut shaming lyrics: also she just talks how most people talk, most ppl don’t use politically correct lyrics plus to do so isn’t poetic but wat politicians do..Shakespeare wasn’t politically correct either. “Fuck your opinion, I’m in love with money and women
    If she want to be a thot then that’s her decision
    She ain’t complaining, she ain’t mad, upset, or offended
    She grown, leave her alone, if she with it she with it” young m.a is doing far more For women than Against women, quit tryna expect artists to be boring politicians. Quit tryna limit their art and quit tryna shut them up, quit tryna silence their voices. The real enemy ain’t young m.a, trust – the homophobs and misogynists Hate her. She ain’t hurting Any women. She ain’t raping or putting glass ceilings in women’s way – but a sexist boss might talk politically correct, but in practice, discriminate against women, turning down them for a promotion or raise. Wake up and pick your battles, face the real enemy not imaginary problems.

  3. B

    Sorry to write another book but I forgot to add dat..many women find it a turn on wen a stud talks like young m.a it’s part of her appeal. Many women like a man talking rough too.aint hurting no one

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