Starting From Now, is a new lesbian web series from Common Language Films, that follows the increasingly tangled lives of four lesbians in Sydney. The series is the brainchild of multi-award winning writer/director, Julie Kalceff, and stars Sarah de Possesse, Rosie Lourde, Lauren Orrell, Bianca Bradey, and Linda Grasso.

The show follows the naive and awkward Steph Fraser ( Sarah de Possese ) who moves to the city to pursue her dream job. Life takes a complicated turn when she falls for her childhood friend, Kristen’s ( Lauren Orrell ), long term girlfriend, Darcy ( Rosie Lourde ) as she shares their small inner-west home.

Episode 1 – Synopsis 

Steph has just landed what appears to be the perfect job. She arrives in Sydney full of hope and expectation, determined that a fresh start is just what she needs. But when Steph falls for Darcy, her friend’s girlfriend, life gets complicated.

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