Quiz | Lets Play ‘What kind of lesbian are you?’

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What kind of lesbian are you courtesy of Buzzfeed.

53 thoughts on “Quiz | Lets Play ‘What kind of lesbian are you?’

  1. kim

    well that’s weird. i got literary feminist and it’s a bit quite accurate. i took literature in college without me actually wanting it on purpose, i took it because it’s the only available slot for me but i then fit in. and everything else said in the description is true. wow.

  2. Priscilla

    I got tatted up bi-girl… Got the tatted up part right and the attitude but uhhh im a lesbian not bi. So not 100% accurate.

    1. Angelo

      In all honesty kind of accurate. I got the tatted up Bi girl. I am actually pansexual ( i know i know basically same but come on!) Im actually way shyer than said, but the band and edgy thing is accurate XD. and also i dont have tattoos , but i wish to get some! but im not bitchy or exclusive im quiet shy and very introverted. so the stlye part yes everything elese nah, and sadly i dont really have lesbian friends at my school its mainly bisexual guys and thats rare for me XD so yeah i guesse thats it. dont judge me im only in high school XD

  3. Elimere

    Same!! The rest was perfectly fine, just not the ‘still dating dudes’ part. Never have, never will. I think they need to change the details on that.

  4. Sonya Renshaw

    I got the sporty dyke, which is true I love my sports which describes me quiet well actually

  5. cassie lynn

    I do not agree with mine I got straight girl. .um no I’m lesbian. I love my wife and nothing will change that. .

  6. Dany

    I got the stud… That’s accurate but one thing on the guy crush they need to have an option that says hell no never!!!!

  7. Bryanna

    This is rude. Screw whoever made this. I have been out since I was 14 and everyone knows my sexuality. I am definitely not “straight” and my sexuality is not a “curiosity” that will “wear out”. Get over yourself. Just because I’m a femme and I don’t worship “The L Word” doesn’t mean anything.

  8. jenni

    Umm just because I’m girly and like alice the on again, off again lesbian, doesn’t mean I am straight.. thank you!!! Your test is flawed. my fiance of 6 years (female) will be happy to tell you that I eat pussy with the best of them!! I mean have you never heard of a lipstick lesbian!! Boys are cute and fun to fuck if you’re single, but could you imagine dating one… yuck.. Can you say Emotionally stunted!! Besides anything a guy can do a girl with a strap on can do it better!! JS!!!

  9. YesIAm

    Crazy Cat Lady!? Lol. Geez…just because my cat understands me in ways no human could doesn’t make me…hmmmm, okay yeah, perhaps it does. But I enjoy the occasional girlfriend too.

  10. MKay

    Well, I do have a few tats and I am a bi girl. Unfortunately I’m not as cool as the description though lol … But I’m still fucking awesome.

  11. Natalie

    Ok so I think we can safely assume this was created by a straight person, with very limited understanding of what it means to be a lesbian. They probably took these lesbian characters straight from TV and film. Many times, there wasn’t even an option I wanted to pick. How come no underwear wasn’t an option? How come it said girl crush, instead of just crush? (Surely when you’re a lesbian, all crushes are girl crushes.) I am not straight and I’m not going to get over my girlfriend. I mean I thought this would be stupid, but not this stupid! Can’t I just be myself and still be in a same sex relationship?

  12. Harley

    Tatted up bi-girl. This is accurate except for the bisexual part, by no means am I. I love women. Just ask My Girlfriend.

  13. Heather

    Why would “tatted up bi girl” even be on here?? It says what kind of lesbian are you. Last time I checked bisexual isn’t a subgroup of lesbian…

  14. Christine

    Strait. I am Bi and def not Bi curious. The problem with this is I dont watch TV. I don’t do romantic movies. So at least 3 of the questions were a total guess since I had no idea who these people or movies are. Oh well thats what I get for doing these silly quizzes.

  15. Mousie

    I got stud and I’m not how ever I took it twice and got bi and I’m anything but that lol I’m more of a AG fem

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  17. Kate

    Like I get this is a joke but could you please not include an option that tells lesbians they’re actually a straight girl and it’s just a phase. As a lesbian that grew up hearing that shit over and over, it’s real fucking hard hearing that again because idk I’m not a stereotype or something. Like, for real, it may be stupid but this hurt. A lot. And set me back a bit on accepting and being comfortable with my sexuality. It was supposed to be a stupid, harmless quiz, you’d think a queer organization would know better

  18. Thea

    I hate the secret guy crush question (everyone has one…. REALLY)…. Not everyone does haha D=

  19. Julie Craib

    I got straight girl!!! I mean ok I do like make up and tanning and high heels but I am definitively lesbian lol

  20. Laura

    I’ve done this twice – either I’m the college grad who is experimenting (totally not, I love ladies and all their lady parts ;-)) or I’m the soft sporty type… Here’s the thing – I don’t do sport or exercise of any kind!

  21. Tara

    Afreakingmen…. the guy crush question really pissed me off too. “EVERYBODY has one” ummm… no, not everybody has one.

  22. Natasha-Jane Jackson

    I know this is just a bit of fun, but I am a little offended tbh, I am most certainly NOT the straight girl! I am not ‘just curious’. Do you know how many times I’ve heard that from Family and Friends? It hurts. . .

  23. Clara Johnson

    You are The G^3 (Gay Gamer Girl)! You were probably a geek in high school, and are still a bit of a geek now. Your crew talks more about LOTR, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Dr. Who, or Star Trek than current events. Going a weekend without seeing the sun doesn’t bother you as long as your wifi is up and running. You are looking for the kind of girl who wants to make a Sims family together. I would explain more about you but I honestly haven’t owned a gaming console since N64… But um… have fun?

    Well it fits, because I am a proud geek,lol!

  24. SapphireDiva

    I got Crunchy Granola, which is kinda sorta in the right direction, but his quiz is very Eurocentric — practically none of the options really apply to me. Also quite ageist. Some of us are neither 19 years old nor White. Jes’ sayin’ …

  25. Raechel

    I got “Straight girl” which I am.. (for the most part lol) I love women don’t get me wrong just not one that’s relationship worthy tho.

  26. Ivy

    I got the tatted up bi girl which is mostly right lmao except for being in the navy so I can’t get too many piercings and I don’t come across with any of that attitude (I’m much more an awkward turtle) but the rest is spot on.

  27. Chez

    I got “straight girl”, definitely nog accurate according to my girlfriend 😉

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