Let’s Talk About Sex

Lesbian sex is simultaneously one of the most enjoyable and most awkward experiences of our lives. We love sex with women for all of what it gives us: embarrassing stories to tell our friends, confidence and lots of orgasms (well, hopefully).

Your Vagina: An Owner’s Manual

Vaginas are magical, mystical parts of the human body that have, for a long time, gone unnoticed. But whether you’re celebrating the ban against female

Is Shower Sex Totally Over-Rated?

Shower sex. It’s mysterious, sexy, and generally a fantasy among women. There’s something sexy about the idea of getting dirty in a place you usually

11 Types of Orgasms a Woman Can Have

Most of us enjoy having orgasms. It’s pretty much a basic human instinct, actually, and unless there’s something else weighing on your mind, it’s pretty

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If only the world was as “open-minded” as us… Alas, matters of sexual identity and equal love, often cause so much friction in the rest of the world. Here, find an open dialogue on the issues facing our LGBT community.

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