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Examine issues like gay marriage, explore lesbian lifestyles and join discussions on the latest news that matters most to the lesbian community.

A Guide To Bi-Curious Experimenting

Sexuality is all about experimentation. How do you know whether you like something if you don’t try it? Specifically, if you’re bi-curious, how do you actually

What Do Asexuals Fantasize About?

Asexuality is much more nuanced than just “not liking sex.” Asexuals can also be hetero-, bi- or homoromantic, meaning that they are still romantically attracted

How To Deal With Homophobia

Homophobia has been around forever and it doesn’t look like it’s going to go away anytime soon, especially as Trump and Pence are the epitome

Are You Ecosexual?

If you love dating other environmental activists, or if you derive sexual pleasure from rolling naked in the dirt, you might be ecosexual.  There’s currently

Are You A Narcissist?

Have you ever heard the story of Narcissus? According to ancient Greek mythology, Narcissus’s mother was told that he would live an exceptionally long time,

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If only the world was as “open-minded” as us… Alas, matters of sexual identity and equal love, often cause so much friction in the rest of the world. Here, find an open dialogue on the issues facing our LGBT community.

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