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Examine issues like gay marriage, explore lesbian lifestyles and join discussions on the latest news that matters most to the lesbian community.

What Is Happening To Me?

Dear KitschMix, I’m straight and my close friend is gay. She has a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend. My friend and I spend a

Can We Ever Make Amends?

Dear KitschMix, We dated for about 6 months, but it was me who actually broke things off. I broke it off for the wrong reasons.

We’ve Slept With The Same Woman

Dear KitschMix, I met someone new last month, and we’ve been seeing each other and sleeping together. However, last week in conversation, we found out

Forced Out Of The Closet

Dear KitschMix, I have been dating this girl for 18 months now. We both recently graduated university, and we are both each other’s firsts –

What Is My sexuality?

Dear KitschMix, I have always classed myself as a straight female, but I don’t think this is my sexuality. I have been with a woman

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If only the world was as “open-minded” as us… Alas, matters of sexual identity and equal love, often cause so much friction in the rest of the world. Here, find an open dialogue on the issues facing our LGBT community.

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