Lily Tomlin Becomes First Ever Out Actress to be Honored by Kennedy Center

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On Tuesday night, out actress and comedian Lily Tomlin was honored at the Kennedy Center, alongside Tom Hanks, Al Green, ballerina Patricia McBride, Sting. However, it was the celebration of Tomlin’s career that was particularly moving.

After an introduction from Garrison Keeilor, who shared a video package highlighting Tomlin’s humble beginnings to her rise to fame; Jane Lynch, Reba McEntire, Kate McKinnon and Jane Fonda came out to perform their own versions of Tomlin performances.

“Two years ago, I joined the cast of Saturday Night Live and now here I am, honoring my comedy hero. Lily, thank you. You turned playing loveable oddballs into a viable career option. Yes!”

Kate McKinnon


“You know, I was used to watching male comedians on TV but Laugh-In was the first time for me that women got to be really really funny and I wasn’t sure it was actually legal,”

Jane Lynch

Jane Fonda had this to say about Tomlin’s addition to 9 to 5:

“Left to my own devices, it probably would have turned into They Shoot Bosses, Don’t They?”

Jane Fonda

And Reba was just plain sweet.

“We’re talking a lot about Lily the artist, but I want to tell you about Lily my friend. She’s just the best person to be around.”

Reba McEntire


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