Make Berlin Your Next Queer Vacation Spot

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Are you and your girlfriend planning a lesbian vacay getaway? Are you newly single ready to Eat, Pray and Love your way across the European social scene? Hop on a nonstop flight to Berlin, Germany.

Lesbian clubs and parties aren’t dead here.

Lesbian bars may be shuttering all over the world, but Berlin – once known for its incredible queer nightlife – keeps the party going.

Lace up your motorcycle boots and head over to a hollowed-out former motorcycle clubhouse called Roadrunner’s Rock and Motor Club, where you can dance at the Mondo Klit Rock Party for Girls and Friends. Get ready for queer, sexy bartenders, skilled DJs, and drinks that will set your body on fire.

Activists are everywhere.

When you think of squatters, you probably think of Occupy Wallstreet or the cast of Rent singing, “We’re not gonna pay.” But the squatter’s movement is alive and well in Berlin, where you’ll find dozens of “queer-centered anarcha-feminists” living in abandoned buildings, making art and resisting the establishment.

Nerd out, lesbian style.

Take your first date to Spinnboden, which is Berlin’s largest lesbian library and archive. Not only is it gorgeous, with blossoming courtyards, but you can also access Germany’s lesbian history dating back more than 100 years. You can also find movies in all languages, a research room with materials you can’t find anywhere else, and a general library for all your queer tastes.

While you’re at it, check out Berlin’s famous lesbian cemetery.

It’s cheap.

Let’s talk dollars. Or rather, euros. The euro is worth more than the dollar right now, but in Berlin your money can still go a long way.

You also don’t have to worry about public transportation, because you can rent bicycles on a weekly basis (that’s cheaper than a car note or an NYC Metro Card).

Learn more about queer Berlin, and start planning your trip today!

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