Margaret Cho Has The Perfect Method For Tackling Online Homophobic Abuse

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The bisexual actress, comic, and LGBT activist, Margaret Cho – who has nearly 400,000 followers on Facebook – has released an online statement regarding the amount of online abuse she gets

In a Facebook post, Cho described the disturbing encounters she has been involved in – and why people should take trolling more seriously.

I’ve experienced numerous breaches of security, a couple of very troubling face to face interactions and so much online trolling I can’t help but believe it’s all somehow connected.”

However, rather than shy away from social media, Cho advises those subject to homophobic abuse to use modern technology to their advantage.

I want everyone in the reach of my voice to keep their phones charged, film everything, screenshot and report ALL offensive people and ALL threats on social media.”

Margaret Cho 01

She also warned her followers of the danger trolls pose – and how people should take any threats or abuse they receive seriously.

BUT UNDERSTAND ‘Haters’ are potential killers. We’ve seen this countless times now. They say it on social media, then they go DO IT. We’ve got to be vigilant and protect ourselves. Stay alive. I need you all here with me. I love you.”

Cho said although the abuse sometimes upsets her, she has developed a unique way of getting her own back.

The actress described of she takes a screenshot of offensive messages she receives and forwards them to the troll’s employers, spouses or loved ones.

Ask their employers if they are aware of this person’s activity online and if they condone this type of behaviour. That usually shuts EVERYTHING DOWN. And it’s pretty gratifying. Bully the bullies with class and grace. It’s the BEST.”

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