Marvel’s Miss America Comes Out as Gay

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A-Force is easily one of the most significant marvel comics to come at in recent years. The series seems a direct response to criticisms that the Marvel Universe still isn’t diverse enough and that there aren’t enough female-centric superhero comics.


So now we have a book that’s almost entirely female-driven. The cast is comprised of the biggest and brightest of Marvel’s heroines, while the script is a joint effort between Angela: Asgard’s Assassin writer Marguerite Bennett and Ms. Marvel writer G. Willow Wilson.

In the new issue of A-Force Miss America (akaAmerica Chavez) will outs herself as being bi or lesbian….

Miss America 03

A-Force raised some eyebrows when it was announced because of its all-female cast and its supposed “feminist agenda” (because surely any comic that focuses on female characters must have ill intent).

The comic doesn’t make a point of actively excluding male characters in favour of females. Nor does it play on the old trope that a society ruled by women is inherently superior to a man’s world.



The comic makes it clear that Arcadia is a paradise because all of its inhabitants – male and female, young and old – worked together to make it happen. It just so happens that most of the costumed super-people in this realm are women.

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