Mary Lambert Debut Album ‘Heart On My Sleeve’ is in Stores Now

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mary_14_AMary Lambert is making her own artistic statement, with her hit single “Secrets” and her debut album ‘Heart On My Sleeve’, which is in stores now.

Many of her songs deal with serious issues, such as body image, LGBT rights, and mental illness. Lambert says the goal for ‘Heart On My Sleeve’ was to continue to write meaningful songs, but to also make a fun, accessible pop music album, which all will enjoy.

Talking to ABC News Radio, she said she wanted too…

“Make an ethical, conscious album with heart and authenticity, but also to be on the radio… and why not buy a beach house for my mom? I don’t believe every song should be social justice-y, but I know for me, I have to speak my truth.

And being a lyricist and being a writer is a priority, and so I want to talk about things that I care about, that will hopefully impact the world.”

Mary Lambert

On touring she said

“My last tour, I was opening for Gavin DeGraw and Matt Nathanson, which was an awesome experience because I think it opened the door for a lot of new fans. And it was humbling in a way, because people weren’t coming to see me and I kind of had to work for it, you know? So, this is kind of a luxury!

The people that are coming out are so kind, and attentive and know the material, and they love the songs and they know the lyrics! It’s, like, kind of surreal to hear people singing my lyrics back.”

Mary Lambert

While some of Mary’s previous tours have been incredibly emotional experiences because of the cathartic nature of her songs, now she says she’s taking a lighter touch with this tour.

“I’m not delving into the heaviest issues that I have previously. Which I think is OK because it’s at least a little bit of an emotional break for me. I’m still going into intense stuff — body image and gay rights — but the show’s a little bit more upbeat and really fun.”

Mary Lambert


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