Meet the ‘Brothers’ – The Web Series Telling the Stories of Trans Men

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There is a fantastic web series on the block called ‘Brothers’ that we strongly recommend you start watching.

The series follows four fictional trans characters (played by real trans masculine men) living in Brooklyn, NY, who are trying to figure out love and life in the big city.


In recent months there has been a lot of debate about transgender characters, and the actors / actresses playing them. However, this debate often focuses on the trans women. We now see the actresses and characters finally getting the recognition needed. Sadly, the same cannot be said about trans men. Trans men are often left out of the discussion, and representation is limited if not none, and this is why this web series is so important.

It shows viewers to see authentic portrayals of real trans men, and through its leading character, ‘Brothers’ gives its audiences an intimate insight that will resonant with the experiences of countless other trans men.

On the series, creator Emmett J. P. Lundberg says…

“Much of my own life makes its way into my art and this series is no different. I have been medically transitioning for just under two years now, and I felt ready to explore that in my writing and my filmmaking. I wanted to see myself (figuratively) and my “brothers” on screen. I know that I am in no way able to represent the entire trans masculine community or spectrum but I’m aiming to make a portion of it more visible.”

Emmett J. P. Lundberg


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