Million Women Rise 2014

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JOIN US at Europe’s biggest #women-only march to end male violence against women and #girls! Sat 08-March #London – Share and invite as many women you know, transport from other UK cities and even Germany are being organised.


See – https://www.facebook.com/events/246935428810959/

The Million Women Rise (MWR) Movement is made up of thousands of women who are united by outrage at the continued daily, hourly, minute-by-minute individual and institutionalised male violence enacted against women worldwide.

We believe that every woman and child has a right to live free from violence and that ongoing violence devastates not only the lives of the individuals directly affected but also the communities of which they are part. We want to highlight the continuation of all forms of violence against women, and demand that steps are taken to put an end to this.

Activities are predominantly based in London, England. Million Women Rise volunteers have facilitated regional actions and activities through out Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England.

Million Women Rise works in partnership with other international women’s movements on a variety of campaigns and projects.

For International Women’s Day to become a National Bank Holiday in the UK and Ireland in recognition of and to celebrate women’s achievements

The prevention of violence against women and children is a cultural, social and political issue and must be a priority for all levels of Government. Action for a national strategy to oppose men’s violence is the responsibility of all political parties and must encompass:

  1. PREVENTION: Active prevention of violence against women and children.
  2. PROVISION: Adequate provision of quality women-only support services for women and children.
  3. PROTECTION: Appropriate and effective legal protection for women and children.

To sign our Statement of Demands please click the link below




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