Monthly Horoscopes | March 2015

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Your lesbian monthly horoscopes from KitschMix.

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Pisces 2/19 – 3/20

Pisces faces some challenges in March, but not all of these will be the struggle they at first seem. When it comes to your work life it’s quite simple – work hard and you’ll achieve great things this month. Put the hours and the effort in and the rewards will come flooding your way. You are capable and it’s the right time to prove your worth. In your personal life there’s a complication you may or may not already have an inkling about. A close friend has developed strong feelings for you and now is the time they will reveal it. The surprising part is, these feelings are reciprocated. If you’re single and feel brave enough to take a chance this could be a very important development for you. However, if you’re already in a relationship you’ll have some serious soul searching on your hands. Take your time and follow your heart. Deep down, you already know the answer.


Aries 3/21 – 4/19

March looks like being a tricky month for Aries. The first two ten day periods of March are likely to be the most tense, and this will be the case in almost all areas of your life. If you’re single you’re going to feel this tension quite strongly with your family and friends and also at work. But your work life is the one area where you can really fight against this. There is a person, or persons, who seek to stop you from succeeding. The good news is March will find in you a surge of strength and determination and a real desire to work towards your goals. Keep your head up and show these people you won’t be stopped. Your personal relationships will be equally tricky, but in this case it may be better to let the storm pass. Remember, whether it’s your lover, friend or a family member, their words and actions right now aren’t a true reflection of their real motives and desires. Stay positive and calm and they’ll see the error of their ways.

Taurus 4/20 – 5/20

Venus is busy in the house of Taurus this month, but not necessarily in a good way. The good news is, she’s not out for everyone. The people she’ll be going for are those who seemingly have it all, or at least have what they want. So, if you’re single and don’t have a high-flying career, the likelihood is Venus aint bothering with you! Unfortunately, if you’re in a relationship and/or you have a high position at work or your own business, Venus is looking to mess with you this month. She’s specifically hoping to inflate your passions and emotions in a negative way. It isn’t always easy for Taurus to keep a lid on her passions and emotions, but if you let them get the better of you now you’re heading straight for that Venus trap.

Gemini 5/21 – 6/21

Saturn and Mercury will cooperate through March to cast positive energy on Gemini. Unfortunately the influence of these two will only cover your work life and will leave your personal life completely unprotected. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in for trouble at home, but it does mean you need to keep a closer eye on your relationships. Your career is rosy though and you should take advantage of this. During the first ten day period in particular, you’ll be given the chance to really shine and show what you can do. Whatever you do, make sure you grab this opportunity and push yourself. These chances don’t come around that often and you should make the most of it.

Cancer 6/22 – 7/22

The stars point towards Cancerians meeting their true love in March. Before you dismiss this because you’re already in a relationship, there is a battle raging between Mars and Venus and the conflict signals the same outcome for all Cancerians. There are a few ways this could be interpreted depending on your situation.

If you’re single it’s quite self-explanatory and you should be on the look-out for this important meeting.But if you’re already hooked up it’s a little more complicated. It could mean that you are going to fall deeper in love with your girl and take the relationship to the next level, recognising for the first time that she is your true love. But it could also mean that you are, unexpectedly, going to meet someone else and this person is your true love. You’ll know in your heart what’s going on and what you should do. Remember, sometimes love is hard and tough decisions have to be made.


Leo 7/23 – 8/22

It’s all about laying good foundations for Leo in March. In your personal life this means don’t try to rush things forward or make any big plans. A good solid base for you and your girl is what’s important here. You need to get the little things right before you start to tackle the big ones.

If you’re single this could be about friendships and, more likely, your work life. It doesn’t look like there will be any major problems for you this month, but don’t take your eye off the ball. You should work through any responsibilities you have solidly and at the end of the second ten day period, or the beginning of the third, you’ll reach a peak in your productivity. If you do this you’ll avoid any negative situations and prevent issues arising.


Virgo 8/23 – 9/22

A major battle between Neptune and Venus this month is going to have a huge effect on you. These two adversaries in the house of Virgo are locking horns and the outcome is going to be thunderous for you. All things point to this causing the end of a relationship. Of course, what happens in your life is ultimately down to you, but this celestial fight is certainly going to start a fire. However, you shouldn’t presume this is exclusive to you and your partner.

This could equally relate to a work situation or a friend. What’s for sure is that a relationship in your life is going to end this month. You may know instantly what this appertains to and you’re probably not all that surprised. Brace yourself for how this is going to go down and try to minimise any damage.


Libra 9/23 – 10/22

With the sun aiming negativity at your work life and Venus aiming hers at your love life, it might at first seem as if things look bleak for Libra in March. However, Saturn looks set to fight it out with Venus and Mars is looking on your situation with sympathy. What all this means is that things are up for grabs.

Your work life will see some ups and downs as Venus and the sun play out a power struggle. Keep forging ahead and keep doing what you’re doing and this squabble will soon pass. Your love life is looking complicated and confusing. Mars wants to help, but with so much conflict between the stars in your house this month that might not be easy. The best advice in times like these is to follow your heart and go with your gut. You usually know deep down what you want to do. Now is the time to trust your feelings.


Scorpio 10/23 – 11/21

Mars and the moon will be bossom buddies in March as far as Scorpio is concerned and they’ll endeavour to make everything in your garden rosy. One of the things this will mean for you is a sharper awareness of situations. You’ll feel as if a veil has been lifted and you can see clearly again. This gift of sight the stars are giving you should be used wisely. At work it will be particularly useful as you’ll see exactly what needs doing and how to do it.

You’ll score some brownie points and all looks well. At home you should take care to not use this clear sight against anyone. No one likes having their faults picked over and sometimes a little diplomacy needs to be employed. Just because you can see what is going on doesn’t mean you have a right to interfere.


Sagittarius 11/22 – 12/21

The focus for Sagittarius in March appears to be on family. A problem in your family which has caused you significant worry will be resolved this month. Also, an event or occurrence connected to a more distant relative is going to have an impact on your life. Both of these things are out of your control and all you can do is be alert to happenings and prepare for some changes. In contrast to this, some changes going on in your work life are not yet known to you.

There may be rumour or you might have a feeling that something is rumbling out of your earshot. It’s too early to say if this is a positive thing for you or not, and much of how this will work out is down to the kind of position you hold at work. The higher you climb the quicker they are to cut you down, so beware.


Capricorn 12/22 – 1/19

With Jupiter and Mars joining forces against you this month, there’s a tricky path to tread for Capricorn. But forewarned is forearmed and there are ways you can minimise any potential damage. This seems to be mostly confined to your personal life and more specifically friends and family.

You’re feeling vulnerable, maybe even a little paranoid and a wrong word here and there from those closest to you is going to feel like a personal attack. Rest assured it isn’t meant to be and if you can employ inaction at this time all will be well again soon. The positive thing to come out of all this is that your partner will step up and be your rock. She’ll be a calming influence and, if you let her, she’ll guide you through this storm with the peace you so need.


Aquarius 1/20 – 2/18

The sun is sending Aquarius a powerful surge of positive energy this month. If you’re in a relationship, you and your girl are going to enjoy a time of harmony and understanding. Any past disputes will be settled and there are no problems on the horizon for you both through March. If you’re single it’s even better as you are set to meet someone special. Whether this is going to be a long lasting relationship is difficult to say, but it will be significant. Perhaps the most interesting area of your life to be affected by the sun’s influence is in your family. Here you will have the chance to make a difference and smooth over some troubles. Moreover, in some instances you are the only one who can make a difference. Be careful to not take sides, but use your influence in a calming way.

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