Your Monthly Lesbian Horoscope | June 2016

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Though officially the first month of summer, it’s fair to say not everyone will feel the warmth on their backs in June.

The Sun is in a very good position for almost all of the star signs this month, but likewise, Venus is casting long shadows and spoiling for a fight with most of you.

That doesn’t mean love lives will be in tatters and tears will be flowing though, it just means many of you will need extra patience to weather any storms from the most emotional planet in the solar system. The Moon will be the most positive planet in June and will release an abundance of opportunities into many of your lives.

Grab them while you can, but always keep the feelings of others at the heart of everything you do.

In general, June has plenty of positivity in it, not always shining bright for everyone, but the first month of summer holds a lot of light.

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Aries 3/21 – 4/19

Venus will have a particularly strong influence on Aries in June, and not in a good way. This means you’ll experience some tension in all of your relationships and dealings with people, both at home and at work. For some it won’t be too difficult to avoid too much human interaction at work and if you can, that’s exactly what you should do, but this will prove much more difficult in your personal life. Although this is not how you usually like to play things, the best course of action will be to let the other person have the victory. Lying down might not be your style, but if you want to avoid an all-out disaster, you’re going to have to find your meek side and learn how to use it.

Taurus 4/20 – 5/20

With The Moon on your side, rising against Venus, who is normally your ally, June will be a mixed bag for Taurus. Your work life will be a time of some confusion and unexpected decisions. If you whole-heartedly believe in what you do, this shouldn’t cause you much trouble, but if you lack enthusiasm for your job or have doubts about changes, now is the time to take a long look at how you make your living. Changes and choices continue in your home life, but this isn’t going to be anything that comes as a surprise to you. What confronts you this month is what you’ve known was coming for some time, whether you’ve fully admitted it to yourself or not. Now is the time to take a deep breath and decide what you really want.

Gemini 5/21 – 6/21

Although Venus and Jupiter will be trying to do you harm in June, they will be no match for Saturn who’ll be your rock this month. At work you should be just as steadfast as Saturn and stay your course. Circumstances and issues, and other people’s opinions, will try to change your mind and undermine you, but be sure of your own decisions and stick to your guns. If you’re in a relationship, you’re going to find this is the centre of everything this month and you and your girl will feel more in love than ever. However, do take care you’re not ignoring and excluding friends and family. If you’re single, June might feel like you’re sitting in a holding area just waiting it out, but use the time to concentrate on yourself and look ahead instead of feeling sorry for yourself.

Cancer 6/22 – 7/22

With Mars and Saturn making friends with The Moon in your house this month, it looks like being a time of great productivity and great results for Cancer. You should feel a surge of energy gifted to you to reach your full potential in the coming weeks, and if you don’t quite find it, take care to eat well and sleep well and you’ll soon be on top. At work you should take full advantage of this period and take the lead where you can. Put forward your ideas and show what you’re made of, it won’t go unrewarded. Your personal life will also present you with plenty of options, but do think it through before you grab them all. If you’re single there’s nothing wrong with being greedy sometimes, but try to look a head a little. You might enjoy it now, but is it what you really want?


Leo 7/23 – 8/22

Pluto and The Sun will work together to bring Leo some great opportunities this month. Take them while you can and run with them, as towards the end of the month Uranus looks set to bring some doom. With this in mind, you should think through your options, especially at work, carefully. Try to take a step back and look at the bigger picture before you make any decisions, and don’t listen to those around you who try to influence you. You’ve got the tools to do this right, you just need to take your time. Patience will also be needed at home, and as you move towards the end of the month Uranus will start to crank up the tension and make things more difficult. Don’t lose faith in yourself and your relationships, you know who you are and what you want, all you need to do now is stay true to that.


Virgo 8/23 – 9/22

Having Venus bestowing light on you this month might not be as great as it sounds for some Virgos. This ‘gift’ from the goddess of love will have differing effects depending on your situation. For Single Virgos June could be the month you meet your soul mate, or it could be the month you find you are suddenly a magnet for more women than you can handle, though no doubt you’ll try! But for those in a relationship there’s the chance this won’t work out so well. If you and your girl stay at home all month and live a quiet life you’re likely to enjoy a cocoon of love. However, out in the world you’re going to attract attention. She might not like this and it could cause arguments. It could even lead you to meet someone new and spell the end of your relationship. Look before you leap and think before you speak, is the best advice here


Libra 9/23 – 10/22

Although Saturn and Mars are on your side this month, and this is definitely positive, Venus is effectively ‘on strike’ and won’t be influencing your life one way or the other. What this means for Libra in practical terms is that you will feel lethargic and disinterested in your love life and this will most likely manifest itself most clearly in bed. Your girl is going to notice, so there are going to be some conversations you can’t avoid. Whether this is down to you simply feeling a dip in energy or whether it’s something more serious connected to your relationship, only you know. At work the stars are handing you a curious opportunity. You’ve long complained that your boss is incompetent, and now they are going to prove you right by messing up in a big way. What you do with this is up to you!


Scorpio 10/23 – 11/21

Though Venus is pretty much putting a dampener on all the signs this month, Saturn will successfully crush her attempts in your house. That paired with the team work of The Moon and Mars to bring you light, looks set to bring you a decent June. Not everything will be smooth though and at work you’ll be faced with some challenges. But with such positivity from above, you’re set to reach your goals and overcome any problems by the end of the month. At home you’re in for a period of exciting changes and movement in your circumstances. What this is depends on your current situation, but one thing is clear, you need to know and understand your own feelings and recognise them before going ahead.


Sagittarius 11/22 – 12/21

It looks like being a straight up stand-off between Jupiter and Mercury in your house this month. Although Venus will try to do harm, as she will almost everywhere in June, she won’t get very far while these two major planets square up against each other. What this means for you is that situations in your life will be pretty much be left to take their course without any big upheavals. Single Saggitariuns will see a long standing crush evaporate and you may be left wondering why you ever felt anything. While those in a relationship will experience just a few minor niggles with their girl. At work projects will play out as you expected and only those in junior roles will feel frustration at not moving on in their careers. Let the month rumble on and reserve your energies for a later date.


Capricorn 12/22 – 1/19

The positioning of the stars around Capricorn this month mean that you’ll receive little influence from any of them. Only Saturn and Mars will have any affect at all, and these two will simply provide you with the energy and light you need to guide you through June. Your work life will be a bit slow this month with not much happening of any note. It’s a great time to take some time off if possible, but even if you can’t, you’ll be able to relax a little with the pressure off. In your personal life you might feel like you’re struggling to motivate yourself to do anything. Some Capricorns will feel under the weather, but those who don’t should get out and get moving. Exercising will be a great way to counter the slump and it would also be a positive thing to do with a friend or your partner to bring you closer together.


Aquarius 1/20 – 2/18

It’s two against one in the house of Aquarius this month, with Saturn and Mars joining forces against Mercury. Fortunately for you Saturn and Mars are playing good cops and Mercury will be mostly defeated. The little effect that Mercury will have in June will be in your work life. It won’t be anything huge, but it does mean you need to take care of the details, be vigilant, and don’t allow yourself to take your eye off the ball. Your home life looks like being smooth, but this will in part be down to how you deal with those around you. Not everyone will have it as calm as you this month, so be sympathetic of others’ feelings and emotions and don’t rise to any baits.


Pisces 2/19 – 3/20

With The Sun reinforcing Jupiter’s positivity in your house this month, you’re going to feel especially confident in all areas of your life. Only Venus looks set to bring some rain clouds and these shouldn’t overshadow the work of The Sun to any extent. Your good mood will be infectious and you’ll feel like making some major decisions about your life that you’ll be confident can’t go wrong. For any Pisces who’ve tentatively thought about planning a family, now is the perfect time to put those plans into action. The Sun is bringing you much light and family life is at the heart of it. Your work life will feel just as sunny and your sense of summer approaching will invade every area of your life. Just be sure to not get too carried away with your lightness of heart and miss any important issues at work.

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