MTV Movie Awards: Amber Rose and presenter Amy Schumer Lock Lips For a Long Smooch

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THERE’S no doubt about the big talking point from last night’s MTV Movie awards – Amy Schumer kissing Amber Rose.

She may have been hosting, but that didn’t stop Amy Schumer from getting a little bit of action.

Amy joined Amber Rose on the front row of the audience at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles when the MTV “Kiss Cam” arrived.

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If you’ve ever been to a sporting event at a giant arena or stadium, then you know all about the “Kiss Cam”: it basically scans the crowd for two people that we’d all like to see make out with each other for our amusement.

Sometimes, it’s awkward — but if you’re Amy, it doesn’t matter sitting next Amber Rose means sparks fly.

Amy Schumer and Amber Rose 04

Amy Schumer and Amber Rose 03

However, viewers may have been surprised to see that the innocent kiss between the two turned into a steamy make-out session as the two stars ended it with one last peck on the lips and bashful looks on their faces.


Amber later took to her Instagram post to share an image of the smooch as she captioned it to her 5.8million followers: ‘I’m def half lesbian after my makeout sesh with @amyschumer @MTV #movieawards.’

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