Must-have Tools For a Lesbian’s Makeup Kit

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I know, I know – make-up right. Some of us are taught by sisters, friends and mothers the essentials. But if like me – a tomboy by nature, who spent their youth playing football, hanging out with boys, and climbing trees – these essentials tips where-not often filtered my way.

However, I do wear make-up. When I need to smooth out my skin colouring, hide my bags after a night of too much boozing, or bring out my eyes for certain lady – I’ll reach out for my small, and somewhat practical make-up bag.

So, here is a list must-have tools for a Lesbian’s makeup kit

Cotton Puffs: Use these nifty little things to apply powder in small amounts. With a cotton puff, you can press the powder evenly on your face. Don’t smudge it rather press it gently.

Tweezers: Yes I tweeze, but it has its benefits. Before applying makeup, I want to makes sure that my eyebrows are neat. Tweezers can also pluck away stray hairs on the chin, above your lip or anywhere else on your face.

An eyelash Curler: A somewhat intimidating tool on first glace, but for big, beautiful and perfectly curled eyelashes, an eyelash curler is a must have tool. It curls your eyelashes upward to show your eyes. I always curl my eyelashes before applying mascara, because if you curl them after mascara then it can break your lashes.

An eye shadow brush: A staple – the eye shadow brush helps you to apply eye colour perfectly. It also helps to make it last longer, because (a fact I recently picked up), if you put I shadow on with your finger it adds moisture to it, which no good.

A small, narrow brush: We all need one of these brushes – a small, narrow brush. Why, well because it makes easy to apply makeup around the corners and creases of your eyes.

A blush brush: Always use a blush brush to apply blushers perfectly and to prevent it from caking. Blush brushes are designed to define natural curves of your cheek area.

Sponges: Never apply foundation with your fingers because you’ll have tendency to put too much on and it can appear uneven. By using sponges you can dab foundation on with control. They are also very gentle to skin.

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