MyQueerReview Helps You Find Safe Spaces in Your City

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As queer women, we know the importance of safe spaces – spaces where we can escape the homophobia, misogyny and all-around unpleasantness of the real world.

And we each have our own favorites. Maybe you love to curl up at the sex-positive café-bookshop around the corner. Maybe you attend meetings at your local LGBT community center. Maybe you and your friends have created your own safe space by hosting weekly movie nights.

Finding the perfect safe space isn’t always easy, especially if you live in a small city with limited LGBT resources. So how do you find the perfect space or you?

That’s where MyQueerReview comes in.

This is the queer Yelp of safe spaces.

Here’s how it works: Queer people from all over the world add their favorite spaces to the database. Other people can rate and review the spaces online, or check out the spaces in person. The vast majority of these spaces are cafes, bars and restaurants, but the database also includes pro-LGBT medical professionals, spas, and more.

The database is growing quickly. It currently contains over 200 entries in 11 states: New York, Maryland, Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Indiana, Minnesota, California, Arizona, Kansas and even Alaska. The Australia and United Kingdom sections are growing as well! Canadians: please help grow their small but promising Toronto section!

So what can you find on this site? The better question is, what can’t you find?

You can find tattoo parlors, hair salons, counseling centers, gyms, hotels, clubs, churches, restaurants, theatres, libraries, museums – need I say more? Whatever you’re in the mood to check out, MyQueerReview has it.

MyQueerReview is also useful for identifying unsafe spaces. Before going out, check a location on the website to see which places users have marked as decidedly unsafe.

This growing website relies on user contributions, so add your favorite places today!

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