The Mystery of Confidence Solved

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Confidence is a rare commodity. Only few of us have a lot of it and everybody wishes they had more of it. Confident people seem happier, more fulfilled and more likely to get to the top of their chosen profession. But what’s the secret? What can we do to boost our confidence?

One: [tweet_dis]Don’t make excuses. Confident people take responsibility for themselves, and they don’t blame others for their misfortunes. In this sense, confidence is closely linked to courage.[/tweet_dis]

Two: Embrace fear. Confront the things that most scare you and your confidence will grow and grow. Nobody gets to where they want in life without taking a few risks. Anyway, you often find that your perception of something is a lot more scary than the reality of it. As President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, ‘The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.’

Three:  [tweet_dis] Avoid too much comfort. Dreams die a quick death when you stay in your comfort zone, so take expeditions out of it as often as you possibly can.  [/tweet_dis]Whether this is travelling to new and challenging destinations or meeting new people, you have to keep diversifying your experience or your self-confidence will start to atrophy.

Four: They don’t procrastinate. Confidence and commitment go hand-in-hand, that’s a fact of life. There’s no use in lazing around and making excuses for not doing what really has to be done.

Five: Be yourself – genuinely and proudly. People who are too obsessed with what others think of them will never gain the confidence they need to strike out on their own. Individuality and the bravery to be yourself will give you a bedrock of confidence to help you achieve anything.

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