Natalie McNeil – Children’s Author, Play Writer, and a Spoken Word Poet

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Last weekend we touched base with Natalie McNeil. Nat is a Children’s author, inspiring play writer, and a spoken word poet, who was born and bred in Manchester.

KitschMix: Wylli Nilly’s Amazing Adventures is your first  pubished book as children’s author, can you tell us more about this project?

Natalie McNeil: I have written a number of children stories containing humour, adventure and fantasy. I have self-published my first book named, Wylli Nilly’s Amazing Adventures. It is about a young girl who lives on a sail boat with her family. One day an Evil spirit came across the water, making waves. She kidnapped Wylli Nilly parents and took them as prisoners to her castle. The young daughter had to make her way to an island, named Lubrock Island. There she looked for the rest of her family to get answers. Wylli Nilly’s turtle came to life and was able to talk. This helped the young girl on her travels.

KM: You have also written a number of plays, can you tell our readers more?

NM: Yes, I can proudly say I am author of a number of plays written and performed by young people, which have been performed at the Salford’s Lowery Theatre.

I also now, write poems for performance and participate in a number of Open Mic Events around Manchester. I have currently at the Bolton Octagon Theatre, where I received positive feedback.

I’m a member of supportive writing groups in the Ordsall, Salford area.

KM: So how did it all start?

NM: I’ve been making up stories from a young age, wanting to escape the real world. At primary school I won best story award and I had my story displayed at the local library. And I’ve been writing ever since…

KM: Where do you get your inspiration from?

NM: I get inspiration from my past life and experiences. Also I have a Writing Angel who helps me write original adventure and fantasy stories, laugh-out-loud.com.

I have good life skills and I’m fully connected with the world around me, very observant when I was growing up. My writing world is very special and important to me, I once wrote a poem about my writing place. I have dabbled in a lot of writing work and have a lot of experience in this area. I teach Creative Writing to the people who attend Ordsall Writers Group.

KM: What other authors inspire your?

NM: Inspiration comes from writers like Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton, Dr. Seuss, Simon Hall, Curtis Jobling, Sarah Waters and many more.

KM: How would you describe your style of writing?

NM: My writing work is deep, soul searching and real. I take real situations or landscapes etc. and put them into my stories. In the past I’ve been told that my stories have a poetic style.

Which brings me to discuss my next book, it’s about the ‘Ordsall Museum.’ It’s about five youngsters been drawn to this museum and they find themselves in a bare room. They are frightened but also curious if the rumours are true. They disappear into another world. Full of trolls and giants, and they have to complete the quest to keep the world in order.

KM: What are future goals?

NM: I still want to continue to write for websites and magazines in the future. I’m age 36 years old; I have accomplished a lot of my dreams and goals as a lesbian writer in Manchester.

KM: Has it been an easy journey?

NM: A lot of people in different areas do not believe in achieving in life, because of their past life’s or their identity.

I believe that a lot of lesbians concentrate on getting into relationships, so we tend to constantly go out in search.

We tend to lose track on life and what we should be rooting for: Like setting up a place and in stable job. I remember doing this through my twenties for about two years. Of getting drunk, meeting lots of women and losing sight of life. I woke up one day and Bobs-your-uncle I now live in my own place, drive a posh car and own a cute little puppy.

Above are the typical challenges lesbian people face at the beginning of their out of the closet life’s.

I’m very passionate about writing and hopefully I can inspire others to write about their past experiences and their life’s today, etc.

You can access Natalie McNeil books on www.amazon.co.uk or their available to order through email [email protected]

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