Neighbours Steph Scully Returns To The Soap With A Girlfriend (Yes)

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Neighbours star Carla Bonner is returning to Ramsay Street with a girlfriend, and we could be happier.

The actress, who briefly reprised her role as Steph Scully for a stint in 2013, left the soap in 2010 after 11 years as the character, but now she’s back for good – and with a girlfriend called Belinda.


Talking to Sky Digital, Bonner said.

I feel like I’ve come home. I feel like a girl who flew the nest to see and explore the world, and has returned an enriched woman.”

She added

I thought it was a really smart move on the part of the writers and producer. There had always been a little speculation that Steph and Libby had a little thing going. Because of Steph’s nature, I really don’t think people will be surprised, they just won’t be expecting it.”


It’s not the first time there’s been lesbian relationship in the Australian soap. Back in 2004, Neighbours introduced its first lesbian character, played by Bridget Neval, and in 2009 Ramsey Street residents Donna and Sunny locked lips in a storyline that sparked complaints from conservative groups down under.

While specific details of the “explosive” storyline are being kept under wraps, Bonner says she’s pleased with how her character’s relationship has been written, avoiding some of the tropes we often see surrounding lesbian and bi women on TV.

The way it has been written, it’s very sensitive and certainly not smutty. I’m very happy with how it plays out. If it contributes to normalising same-sex relationships in some way, that’s great.”

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