New Lesbian Movie ‘Me And Marcy’ Tells The Story The Struggles Of Self Acceptance

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Looking for a new movie to watch with queer characters? How about one with an intriguing story? Well I have awesome news.

Me and Marcy – a lesbian drama short-film – has one of the most interesting stories I have seen in recent lesbian films.


The story is not only highly unique but, at the same time, incredibly relatable. The trailer (you can watch it right below) leaves quite a lot to the imagination, so here is a little bit more information about the movie.

The story follows Brit, who has been living in constant struggle. After her first sexually experiment with another woman, she keeps having extreme anxiety attacks. In a desperate attempt to cope with her daily struggle, Brit steals a picture frame from a garage sale.

But that’s not all she ends up leaving with.

Secretly hidden inside the picture frame are old photos of a lesbian couple from the 70s. Brit can’t help but admire how open and visible these women were about their relationship 40 years ago, so, naturally, she decides to track down and meet the couple from the photos.

As she meets and finds out more about the couple, she realizes she must confront her own feelings and, ultimately, who she really is.

So, when can you expect a release?

In order to be able to fund the movie, they have set up their own Indiegogo page (you can check it out and donate right here) where you can also find out more about Me And Marcy.

I am incredibly excited for this movie to finally come out. As more and more movies with queer characters  come out each year, I have been wishing for a new movie with an interesting and new story and, most importantly, well-written queer characters.

And I am surely keeping my hopes  up to finally see if Me And Marcy will be that movie.

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