It May Be Soon Possible For Lesbian Couples To Have Children With Genes From Both Parents

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According to new research, same-sex couples may one day be able to have children who are genetically related to both partners.

A new technique – yet to be tried on humans – would involve scientists collecting a specific type of cell (such as a muscle cell) and producing a stem cell. These stem cells would then be used to create gametes (sex cells) – including creating an egg from a man or a sperm cell from a woman.

Research published in the Journal of Law and the Biosciences investigates the potential of this new scientific technique, known as ‘in vitro gametogenesis’ (IVG).

This could include ‘multiplex parenting’ with children having groups of more than two parents, or children with just one biological parent.

Scientist Sonia Suter from George Washington University, USA, explains IVG may be preferable to other fertility treatments in some circumstances, but in others it could be ‘substantially more problematic’.

For single parents, where all of the baby’s genetic material would come from one person’s DNA, there are greater challenges, Suter says.

We have minimal knowledge about the implications. The only way to demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of these techniques in humans is to use in vitro gametes (sex cells) to try to produce viable offspring in controlled settings – when and if we deem it sufficiently safe to do so.”

Dr George Ndkwe, medical director of the Zita West fertility clinic, told Huffington Post this technique, while useful, could radically change the notion of parenthood in future.

This is wonderful science, but it’s going to raise questions. There are possible uses of it, which in my opinion can be useful. For instance, for somebody who has no sperm at all or a woman who has no egg, if you can use any of their cells to create sperm or eggs then they can have treatment, so to use it in that way specifically for treatment, in my opinion may have some benefits.”

He added:

It would completely challenge our notion of parenthood with very complex legal implications. That’s where it gets very scary.”

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11 thoughts on “It May Be Soon Possible For Lesbian Couples To Have Children With Genes From Both Parents

  1. Brionna Smith

    My name is Brionna Smith and I was wandering if you guys are taking any volunteers to try this on. Of so, me and my fiance Brynne pulsipher would be more than honored to try it. We really apreciate what you guys are doing and would like to do anything to help make thispossible for millions of others. Thanks for your time andi hope you have a great day.

  2. Cortney

    Are you looking for any volunteers? My girlfriend and I Lee talking about ways to have babies with both of our DNA

  3. Vanessa Wood

    I completely would volunteer!!! Me and my wife totally want a baby with both our DNA!!!

  4. Cass

    We love ❤️ to have one too we been together for 18 yr and we talk about it all the time

  5. Jessica

    My wife and I have been together 14 years, married for 2. This would be a dream come true for us. We would love to volunteer for the opportunity to become parents ;).

  6. Sophie keating

    I would like to volunteer if you need someone as me and my partner want our child to have our both dna

  7. Kayla Williams

    My wife and I would love to be apart of this experiment. We want to have kids with both of our dna…

  8. Gessyka Cox

    I would like to volunteer, if this is a place that would get responces if not I would like to know who to try and contact about volunteering for this.

  9. Christina Garcia

    I have been reading about this for quite a few years. Before we had our son we thought it would be possible by now. I truly hope it is possible. We would like to have a second child that has a blood line to our current.

  10. Natalie nelson

    Wow this wld be me n my wife dream come true .. Been together for ten years married five years !!

    Sounds so exciting that this can happen !!

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