Nipple Brooches Against Censoring

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The #FreetheNipple movement is growing bigger and bigger after numerous online and other kinds of protests against the censoring of female – or what appears to be female – nipples on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. A big debate has been sparked, concerning whether women’s nipples are something that must be considered a “private” part of their bodies, or should be displayed freely as it practically doesn’t differ from male nipples – or the nipples of people socially read as men.

The limits between what is acceptable and what not are arbitrary and fluid, and many feminists feel that censoring some breasts and their nipples, and allowing some others, based on few and not always distinguishable differences, makes no sense.

After an Instagram account sharing really close-up pictures of nipples so that it would be rendered really hard to tell to what body they could belong, another initiative started last spring from a group of three friends, who decided to make DIY felt brooches that look like nipples and people can wear on their clothes.

The project (#girlpower16) has felt nipple brooches in all shades of pink. Creators say:

We decided it’s time to involve everyone into our discussion about equality. So we made a felt brooch to wear, to be proud and to express our opinions and protest to others! We also decided to stay out of natural skin tones and stick strictly with shades of pink. Since it’s such a stereotypically ‘girly’ color our wish is to show everyone that despite of our style, gender, race we all can still rock any color we want to!”

Many might argue that this initiative is purposeless, or might not get its point across, but in my humble opinion these felt nipples look really cool and pretty as a fashion statement, and if I had enough money I would order a pair – or three! Nothing says couture like raising a few eyebrows!

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