No Way, Now ‘Heathers’ Is To Get An LGBT TV Reboot Too

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80s cult classic, Heathers (featuring Christian Slater and Winona Ryder), is to return to our screen with a new LGBT twist.

The original black comedy – which was released in 1988 – portrayed a group of four teenage girls whose clique reigns supreme at a US high school, and though it was only reasonably successful at the time, its popularity has risen in the years since.

The movie delved in to topics such as teenage suicide, AIDS, homosexuality, body images, drugs, guns, date rape, death and soon became a cult classic.

Now – nearly 29 years later – US cable channel TV Land have announced a televised reboot.

Billed as the network’s first “anthology series”, some have taken this to mean the show could see the cast change season to season – much like American Horror Story.

More interestingly though, the show will feature what some would call stereotypical outcasts as the main clique.

Gender-queer Heather Duke (whose real name is Heath), Heather McNamara, a lesbian, and overweight Heather Chandler. The series will still take a similar focus to the film and be set around Winona Ryder’s character, Veronica Sawyer and her homicidal boyfriend played by Christian Slater.

Although the network have released little details about what’s actually going to happen, it has said the programme’s protagonists will be “very different but an equally vicious group of Heathers”.

In 2012, another spin-off of the movie set around the daughter’s of the characters was planned but never actually made it to air.

It will be interesting to see how these new Heathers rule the school. How will the writers reshape this dark comedy for a new generation?

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