‘Notas Aparte’, The Spanish Webseries You Don’t Want To Miss

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I have come across an exciting new project, I have been dying to share with you guys! Entitled Notas Aparte, this new queer web series promises to bring together both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking viewers with its fresh, compelling narrative.

Set in Barcelona, the series mainly follows Sara, a shy, naive student looking for a tutor for her Art History class. But there’s more to Sara than meets the eye, as she has to deal with and possibly embrace her sexuality when she meets her tutor, Helena, who later becomes her own personal “lesbian godmother”.


As the producer brilliantly sums up the show:

Notas Aparte revolves around a girl who is going to grow up at the speed of light with the help of a proud lesbian.”

And who wouldn’t have wanted their own lesbian BFF to guide them through the treacherous waters of accepting their own sexuality?

I still remember my frightening closet days when my main goal for the day would be to pass as straight with, of course, the occasional hiccup (woops…).

As the show takes place in Spain, all the dialogue is in Spanish, although English subtitles will be available. And this is the real reason why I am so excited for the show to premiere!

As has happened with Ellen Page’s Gaycation, I have been dying to know more about what it means to be gay and closeted in other countries. And, since I am Portuguese, a show set in Spain will very likely mirror not only my experience, but also the experience and struggle of thousands of other young queer girls trying to navigate the dating world in a country with, perhaps, more conservative views. And all this while dealing with exams and University admissions at the same time!

Interested? For now, you can check out the trailer right here, but the first 7 episodes of the show are scheduled to come out on the 20th of October!

What do you think about this concept? Will you be tuning in? Let us know in the comments.

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