One Third Of LGBTQ Women Do Not Feel Welcomed At Pride

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A recent survey conducted by queer women’s app HER, found some disappointing statistics when it came to how LGBTQ women feel at Pride events.

Of 3000+ LGBTQ women asked in America, less than half of had plans to go to any kind of Pride festivities this year, even though 74% said there were local Pride events organised in where they lived.

The main reasons reported for not attending Pride were “I had no one to accompany me”, followed by “None of the events were of interest to me” and “The town I live in did not have anything planned”.

However, sadly of those attending, only 69% said they felt welcomed or well represented at Pride events.

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Robyn Exton, founder and CEO of HER, explained

We need Pride now more than ever. These numbers highlight that there are a lot of queer and bisexual women who don’t feel welcomed or heard by our community and, in consequence, don’t go to Pride events.

We all must be aware of this problem so we can improve together. Our number one goal as a community should be that all letters of the LGBTQIA rainbow of all genders feel included. This is what Pride is all about: being seen, heard and welcomed.”

The survey also reported that the importance of Pride was not missed. 89% said they felt Pride events were beneficial for the community.

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