Orange Is the New Black And The Litchfield Love Map

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Don’t have enough time to binge watch the first two seasons of the Netflix comedy Orange Is the New Black? Then check out the Litchfield Love Map.
A lot went down in seasons one and two – from all the crushes, hookups, breakups, down-low relationships and full-fledged love connections, the inmates, their friends, families and even the prison guards are all interconnected in some very complicated and messy ways.

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That’s why Netflix has mapped it all out for you just in time for those relationships to get even messier when season three premieres later this year.


Orange Is the New Black seasons one and two are currently streaming, and season three hits Netflix later this year – I’m already counting down the days. Okay, maybe not days, exactly, since we don’t have an actual premiere date from Netflix yet, but at least we know that sometime we’ll finally get to see what’s going on with Piper (Taylor Schilling) and the rest of the Litchfield inmates and new arrivals.

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