‘Orphan Black’ Star Tatiana Maslany Talks About Diversity In The Hit TV Show.

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In a recent interview with Deadline, Tatiana Maslany discusses the diversity of the characters she plays in BBC America’s hit T.V show Orphan Black. The show is a science fiction series based on cloning and by the end of season four there are 11 different character clones, each one very different and individual and each one played by Tatiana who has just been nominated for an Emmy for the second time.

What makes this programme so unique is the fact all 11 identical female clones portray the diversity of humans, especially regarding sexual orientation as one of the clones is a lesbian and another is a transgender. All of the characters are very complex and some have lives that are not considered normal. and when asked about her opinion on whether this was important she told Deadline:

It’s something that I’m most proud of on our show, especially that it’s through the eyes of a woman and the experiences of a woman.”

dt.common.streams.StreamServerTatiana also gave her opinion on one of the characters, Cosima, who is a lesbian and works as a scientist.

The way that we treat sexuality is something I’m extremely proud of and that I’m very political about as well. One of my favourite lines of our show is when Cosima says, “My sexuality isn’t the most interesting thing about me.” That to me is so important to drive home, to remember that as much as Cosima represents a large community of people, she is more than her sexuality.”

Tatiana was also asked about recent phenomenon regarding the matter of fact way sexual orientation is now portrayed on television. She said:

There’s a real bravery to storytelling right now—people are kind of fed up with misrepresentations of women, with the LGBT community, with minorities. These groups are so underrepresented. We’re so used to seeing men as the default perspective, and that’s just changing intrinsically.”

It’s very reassuring to hear that actresses who play lesbian or bisexual characters are also aware of the misrepresentation we often see in television or film, regardless of whether the actresses themselves are gay or straight. Tatiana is also very compassionate about others and their diversity as individuals as well as she went on to say:

There’s such a divide right now in terms of politics, in terms of people. There’s so much fear of the other, so much hatred. So I’m really proud that our show never really vilifies anybody, that everyone has a humanity and that everyone has vulnerability, and needs, and wants love, and deserves love, regardless of what they’ve done or who they are.”

Tatiana’s talent and the fact she is such an amazing person is one of the reasons the show has such a huge fan base. We all wish her the best of luck with her Emmy nomination for her role and let’s hope she continues to get the recognition she deserves.

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