Our Top 10 Lesbian Primetime TV Kisses That Got Our Pulses Racing

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From Willow locking lips with Tara, to Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar awarding kiss with Selma Blair, on to Xena: Warrior Princess and the underlaying love story with Xena and Gabrielle that ended with a kiss, through to new lovers Piper and Alex in Orange is the New Black; and Emily and Maya from Pretty Little Liars locking lips in Brookside, giving Britain its first ever pre-watershed lesbian smooch.

Here are our Top 10 Lesbian Primetime TV  Kisses that got our pulses racing…

1. Laura and Bo from Lost Girl – hot!

Lesbian TV Kisses 11

2. Piper and Alex re-kindly things in Orange is the New Black – double hot!

Lesbian TV Kisses 04

3. Willow and Tara in Buffy the Vampire Slayer – so sweet

Lesbian TV Kisses 06

4. Sarah Michelle-Gellar showing Selma Blair how to kiss in Cruel Intentions

Lesbian TV Kisses 07

5. Xena and Gabrielle finally kiss at the very end of Xena: Warrior Princess (we miss this show)

Lesbian TV Kisses 05

6. Britanny and Santana in Glee – YEAH!

Lesbian TV Kisses 03

7. The Good Wife and Kalinda one night with Lana

Lesbian TV Kisses 02

8. Pam and Tara in True Blood – see hate turn to love

Lesbian TV Kisses 01

9. The OC – Marissa & Alex first kiss

Lesbian TV Kisses 09

10. Emily and Maya from Pretty Little Liars – Awwwww

Lesbian TV Kisses 10

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