Out of the archive – STUDS by Nick Knight

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While surfing the internet this weekend I came across these beautiful STUDS and just had to share.

This series of shots featured in V Magazine and were taken by Nick Knight. Nodding to fashion’s ongoing preoccupation with pushing gender boundaries, ‘Studs’ was a series of nine unique photo studies.

Each explored the idea of a third gender, Simon Foxton and Bea Sweet recruit a range of subjects who refuse to comply with traditional notions of the sexes.

The portraits – each a study of unconventional beauty – are captured by Nick Knight in stills and fashion film.

This project is a celebration of femininity, even though it’s not what we understand to be female.


V Magazine

Photography – Nick Knight
Styling – Simon Foxton
Makeup – Bea Sweet
Hair – Lok Lau @ CLM
Nails – Mike Pocock @ Streeters
Makeup Assistance – Stephanie McLean
Models – Beau, Keedz, Rae, Chulo, Sirena, Teanna, Naechane, Jah, Chified

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