Personal Interest Drops Extended New Trailer (And We’re Rather Excited About It)

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There’s plenty to be excited about in this two-minute preview, but it’s especially exciting to see just how much Sarah Shahi is in it.

Person Of Interest

If you look at Person Of Interest‘s description – a show about a tech whiz, a former soldier and their pals as they try to protect people from the world’s dangers as well as the government’s snooping – it sounds like an unlikely candidate for fantastic queer representation, but you’d be surprised.

The show’s two supporting women, Shahi’s Sameen Shaw and Samantha “Root” Groves (played by Amy Acker) are part of the core group of ‘good guys’ who aim to protect the world and though the two characters are incredibly sarcastic and spend most of their time shooting bad guys’ kneecaps, they still find plenty of time to flirt.

In Person of Interest‘s fourth season, their flirting finally came to a head when Shaw kissed Root, right before she risks her life to save Root and co. and gets shot in the process.

Person Of Interest 01

Although Root spends the remainder of the season pining over Shaw/trying to find Shaw/talking about how much she misses Shaw, Shaw’s not dead and the two will be reunited in season five of the show.

And as Shahi promised at Person of Interest’s New York Comic Con panel, “Shaw comes back in a very dynamic way.”

Person of Interest: Season 5 premieres Tuesday, May 3 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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