The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | Faking It 205 Recap – Present Tense

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Welcome to another recap of Faking It! Faking It also known as the show where all the men are The Worst and bad things happen to lesbians.

This week on the show, Amy is the world’s best friend, Karma is sad about a boy and Liam is a a useless, crusty dishrag. So like most episodes then!

As always, our recaps are split into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly so read on to find out what happened this week.

The Plot

There’s no way to say happy birthday to your best friend in the whole wide world (and also the girl who you are madly in love with) like a day-long scavenger hunt that celebrates the important parts of your friendship, right? That’s what Amy does for Karma’s 16th this week on Faking It, wrenching her straight friend out of a lovey dovey staring contest with hunky loaf Liam Booker.

Part one of the super birthday scavenger extravaganza involves…rummaging through a load of balls. Plastic ones, mind you, but the task still proves tiresome for the two best friends especially when Karma is stressing over a birthday note that Liam slipped into her locker. Amy stole it on the sly and Karma is distracted but that doesn’t mean that the birthday fun times must end.

Part two saw Amy and Karma having tea with Karma’s psychic aunt, Sage. Flying all the way in from Arizona, Amy’s second gift was a tea leaf reading so that Karma can find out what the gods of fate have in store for her. What do the leaves say? That ‘someone’ is standing in the way of Karma and her true love. The idea is that we’re meant to think that Amy is standing in the way of Karma and Liam but Amy will be damned if she’s be handing over the note just yet.

The two have a slight scuffle as Karma lies through her impossibly perfect teeth that the letter is from Erma the lunch lady before she eventually ‘fesses up and says it’s from Liam. Cue sadfaces all round when Amy hands over the note before Karma rips it up explaining that she sacrificed Liam and ‘chose Amy’ instead. Amy notes that it doesn’t feel like it, at which point I simultaneously wanted to cry and high five her.

A heart to heart with her mum and the offer of a boob job to get over her #Karmy feelings later and Amy meets Karma at school for the final section of the world’s most disastrous scavenger hunt. There are doll houses meant to represent how they’d live side by side, but now they realise that rather than being the bestest neighbours, coming over for tea and biccies, they’ll probably be y’know, living with their partners and children in them instead.

It’s sad until Amy becomes the MVP saying that she thought about standing in the way of Karma and Liam but the angel on her shoulder told her to do right by her friend and not her feelings. This is soon backed up by Liam showing up (per an invite from Amy) as one of Karma’s birthday gifts.

And as for that letter from Liam? All it said was ‘happy birthday’. Who said chivalry was dead…

The two also meet up again afterwards, Amy giving Karma the half of a friendship necklace that she spent hours winning from an arcade. Aww!

Other heterosexual pairings are preparing to shack up and mash their tongues together in admiration across town at a martial arts class that Lauren and Shane followed Liam and new boy Theo to. The plan is to punch out their feelings but cut to the chase, it ends with Lauren and Theo admitting that they like each other and kissing after class. Finally! It’s not all love and stuff though as Theo pegs it for some unknown reason that we probably won’t find out until the season finale.


The Gay

With Karmy off the cards this week, the gay romance was left to Shane.

Convinced that the martial arts instructor has a profile on a gay hookup app, Shane makes it his business to seduce him and/or prove it via the means of sweaty shirtless body slams in the name of ‘health and fitness’.

Shane loses a bet with Theo about the man’s sexuality when he refuses to come out in the middle of the class but he still wins some sort of prize when he and the instructor have sex in the parking lot. Yay to breaking public indecency laws!

The Ugly

In quite candid terms, this episode of Faking It was a real stinker.

The Karmy content of this episode made me incredibly uncomfortable not because Karma treated Amy incredibly disrespectfully (because she did – the way she clearly didn’t appreciate or acknowledge the effort Amy went through to plan the day was downright rude) but because the show made attempts to gloss over it.

Although Amy flew in one of her relatives, spent almost an entire day winning the necklace and then planned the scavenger hunt itself, Karma doesn’t seem that into it and the show sadly makes this friendship dynamic seem normal and ok. In season one Amy expressed her frustration about Karma walking all over her like a doormat (and that was before she told her she loved her) so the fact that it’s still going on here was really unfortunate.

I also didn’t like the way that despite outing being Faking It’s biggest problem to date, it was almost used a plot device again this week. This is the third time this has happened and I found it really gross that Shane was willing to out the martial arts instructor for the sake of a bet. Never mind that the state they’re in (Texas) is incredibly conservative and being outed could have ruined the man’s career. Absolutely shocking.

So a disappointing 20 minutes overall, but girl group Fifth Harmony make a guest appearance next week and Reagan (the cute, queer waiter from last week’s episode) also makes a return. Better things to come then.

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