The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | Faking It 206 Recap – The Ecstasy and the Agony

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Welcome to another Faking It recap! Faking It known as the teen comedy/drama that will break your heart and try and tape it back together with half decent comedic timing!

This week on the show, we met up with Amy’s new love interest once again, #TeamSass (Amy, Lauren, Shane) attended a rave and Karma and Liam’s plot line sent everybody to sleep!

As always, the recap is separated into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly, so read on to find out what went down this week.


The Plot

What’s a girl to do when the boy she just exchanged mouth fluids with won’t text her back and even her sexuality confused step-sister stands half a chance of getting some? She’s going to tag along with her and her gay bestie to an all night rave, of course!

The lights are neon, the bodies are sweaty and the drinks are flowing like an iceberg slap bang in the middle of the Sahara, so obviously it’s the perfect place for Shane, Lauren and Amy to dance away their love troubles and get #crunk as the kids would say. (Are kids saying that? My go to word is ‘groovy’.)

Karma meanwhile, is getting her kicks in a much more tedious (read: generically heterosexual) way at school as she’s attending the Hester High art show with new boyfriend Liam. And, by kicks, I mean ‘having boyfriend trouble’.

You see, crippled by the soul-crushing guilt of having slept with her best friend and his serious commitment issues, Liam can’t call Karma his girlfriend. Despite how hard he tries the word just won’t escape his mouth! Poor thing, he’s finally seeing the girl he likes but he can’t open up to her (maybe try being honest with her next time? Just a hint).

Karma, fretting about the pending implosion of her budding het romance rings up Amy begging for her help. They cat and mouse for a while because Amy is still caught up in those Mushy, Gushy feelings for Karma that she told her best friend about just weeks ago and when she finally answers, Amy essentially tells her friend to stuff it because she can’t hear about her love life like this.

Liam gets a similar response when he rings Shane and so is left to wonder around the exhibit (his piece is a bunch of tangled metal pipes that says ‘KARMA’, ironically) and ponder his existence/the future of the relationship.

Being caught up in their friends’ drama however, the two leave Lauren to party it out in her own little world. She’s jamming away, she’s really going for it. And then she accidentally takes a pill of ecstasy, mistaking it for an aspirin. Whoops. She’s pissed when she finds out, obviously and goes to ride/cry it out amongst a pile of coats in a cupboard.
It all ends up well for the heterosexuals in the end though! Liam admits that he doesn’t think he can be Karma’s Prince Charming while she says that they should agree to be better people and give their relationship a shot. I say that they’re both pretty awful and that terribleness must be attracted to each other, but alas it’s not up to me.

Lauren is also rescued by love interest Theo who is harbouring a Highly Sensitive secret that’s still being teased like you wouldn’t believe.

The Gay

Shane’s love life is minimal in this week’s episode of Faking It save for some definitely not safe for work photos from the closeted MMA trainer from last week.

More importantly: Amy’s love interest makes a new appearance! Knowing each other as ‘Shrimp Girl’ and ‘Cater Waiter’ the two make light jokes as Reagan (the cater waiter of this budding romance) shows up as the DJ for the rave that #TeamSass are attending.

It’s all ‘I’ll help you push your records cart’ and ‘I’ll make eyes at you from my DJ booth’ until Amy finally gets the courage to go up there and share Reagan’s oversized headphones. Aww! They are genuinely adorable together and agree to exchange numbers, go on a date and all that jazz. It’s confirmed that they make out next week too so now is as good a time as ever to get invested.


The Ugly

While the entirety of the #Kiam storyline was a total snoozefest, what bothered me the most is that Reagan is 19. Amy confirms it in a conversation with Karma at the end of the episode but keeping in mind that Amy is just 15 years old (a legal child) and Reagan is an adult with an apartment and a good many years on her new girlfriend, it’s a bit concerning.

It skeeves me out and while I’ll inevitably fall into a shipping spiral for the two of them, that age gap is definitely…something.

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