The Plot, The Gay, The Ugly | Faking It – 203 Recap: Beware of the Thirdwheel

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Welcome to this week’s Faking It recap! Faking It, also known as the show that takes all of your nightmares about falling in love with a straight woman and makes it a painful, scripted television series!

This week at Hester High, the blue oasis in the red sea of Texas is embracing all things Brazilian, Liam reveals a huge secret and Amy gets to kiss a girl who is actually into her! Whoo, big stuff.

As always, things are divided into The Plot, The Gay and The Ugly, so read on to find out what the hell happened.

The Plot

At Hester High this week, the school is embracing the party spirit when its partner school from Brazil sends a busload of stupidly attractive, flirty students and tells them to have fun for the week. The reason for this? There isn’t one really, but Katie Stevens (who plays Karma) speaks Portuguese so let that be an excuse for her to speak it.

After wringing the principal’s arm last season so that she could become the events leader, Lauren is in charge of setting up a carnival to welcome the students. But, failing to understand the difference between a carnival (fairground rides, sugary snacks, attempts at throwing things to win stuffed animals) and carnivals the way the Brazilians know them (dancing, partying, the whole shebang) the visitors get a slice of North American culture.

As well as being an organisational nightmare for Lauren, who ropes in new boy Theo to help her man one of the aforementioned stuffed animal booths, it’s basically an excuse for the main cast to get their love on.

For Liam though, this won’t be so easy as the lovestruck softie (read: one dimensional loaf of bread) is still pining over Karma and feeling bad that he got drunk and slept with Amy. Obviously, after weeks of Amy explicitly telling him not to say anything to anyone and Liam promising to keep quiet, he tells his best friend Shane. Shane, also known as the guy who outed Amy and Karma last season and cannot keep a secret to save his life. Yup, this is going to end well.


The Gay

Amy got to kiss a girl who’s not Karma! That in itself should probably be a reason to rejoice – for those who are looking forward to Amy moving on from Karma, anyway – but for Amy it’s about her finding herself and coming to terms with her sexuality.

Despite Karma saying that she is 100% totally not in love with Amy, proceeds to follow her BFF round translating for her. There’s a date Amy goes on with a boy that Karma messes up when she doesn’t directly translate what they’re saying to each other, instead playing adlibs and when Amy moves on to date a girl, Karma spies on that too.

She spies from afar though, which is lucky. Amy complains to the girl about Karma and after not really understanding very well, the girl asks if they should kiss. They do and Karma puts her binoculars to her face to get a better look. I’m sure all viewers can relate.

Amy and her new Brazilian love interest won’t last though, the plot was that the students are just there for a week and as Amy was put off by the girl’s fake tan, it’s unlikely that they’ll do the long distance thing either.

As for Faking It’s other canonly gay character, Shane, he is officially single. As I speculated in last week’s recap, he and his boyfriend have broken up so we’ll see if he gets another long term love in the upcoming episodes.

The Ugly

I’m thrilled to report that there was actually very little complain about, which makes a change.
I was put off by the way Shane spoke about women in this episode (he referred to one as a ‘grenade’ to say that she was ugly) and there’s a scene where Liam squirts sun tan lotion everywhere which is a lot more vulgar in context.

I’m also concerned that Faking It will see Karma running back to Liam despite betraying her trust by not telling her that he and Amy slept together, while Amy will be left out in the cold for doing exactly the same. I can’t say for certain that that will happen but I’ll let that theory go once I see how this storyline plays out.

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